Hanging around and stuff

Hey, i’m just looking for a few peeps to hang around with. I’m looking to either farm some bosses at lvl 70 or maybe even start a new character all together. Also if you’re a lower level and need some help with missions/bosses msg me - mS Xero. I’ll most likely be on from 6:40 PM PST (9:40 PM EST) until 12:00 AM PST (3:00 AM EST).

yoo bro! I’m almost at UVHM on my Jack, let’s kill some bishes! I can help you with a new character or we can playthrough. Haven’t seen ya on in a while!

@iiNoBeasty Sure! Ill be on later on tonight (12 your time)

Id be down to join up

@mr9300 bruhhhhh you wasn’t on!

Lacrosse season Bruh!! Ill be on sometime today hopefully but definately by the weekend @iiNoBeasty

@mr9300 maynee i thought your collarbone was broken or some shizz ha but word! see the ayusss on later

It still is but i gotta lax man! @iiNoBeasty

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