Hansome Sorcerer under 2 MINUTES!?!

So Basically I´m copying the desc from my video, but please if anyone else plays explosive Krieg let me know if you have a better time!

So yeah, basically was farming for a Conference Call and then realized about the B I G amounts of damage I can deal with Bloodsplosion and some slag, so I started farming with this strategy until this were the best results.

Joltzdude139 if you see this PLEASE farm for a Gub (JK lol), no but for real you inspired me to do this speedrun for the boss :smiley:

Edit: No, I don´t have any video editing tools so I couldn´t add a in-video timer

Edit 2: I´m new into the forum so if I´m breaking any rule please let me know and I´ll fix it ASAP

Link to the video:


First and last phase could be improve if you maintain your stacks. I bloodsplode it 30-40 seconds before. Tty also a blister com w +6 in ftb and do the melee method. Works on op0.

Also welcome to the forums. :wink:


Nice! I’ve GOT to dust off my melee/explosive Krieg. I miss bloodsploding the crap outta stuff.