Happiness of a psychological 5 year old adult of huge manly pecs

Back in 2015 I used to be a sophomore student at some fancy bussiness school enjoying playing TPS.

I had a dream of working in the gaming industry back then, but the heavy fists of Kazakhstani market didn’t agree on my aspirations, so I became an apprentice of management, strategy and marketing.

Yet my dream lived on within the borders of my mind, so I thought it would be a great idea to share my ideas with the devs, who came up with one of my most favourite universes of all time. So, I could potentially enjoy quick scoping, skillshooting, and overall displaying my supperior swagger to my non-existant friends and family.

Then, I wrote a concept of a beastmaster close-quarters knockback sniper:

And of a retired corporate agent with invis and gimmick abilities:

Also, of a sniper rifles, which sends people into the air:

So, imagine my excitement, when I saw these new badboys of Zane and Hobobot holding a sniper rifle and petting a f*cking scag, man! I was excited! I know that their gameplay and skillset are not yet revealed, but I have hopes, man!

Is there a tiny possibiility that Gearbox used my concepts? Cuz, I got more ideas, and I would be more than happy to share.


Whoa! This is almost surreal. Could be a coincidence or maybe not. I must say though, you have good ideas! :grin:

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Thank You, fam!

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As The Star
Eridium junkie, who used to be an intergalactic rock star. Doesn’t know about slag, dislikes corrosive weapons, since “Acid is for suckers!”. In gay unrequited love with mister Torque. He seriously thinks that he is the seventh siren, and he kinda scares the ■■■■ out of people around him, so they seem to agree or at least not to argue with his idea of being a female space wizzard with a beautiful manly body.
During his glorious days of the fastest intergalactic guitarist and sniffing spaceships of eridium cocaine Star got himself in lots of trouble and acts of drugs infused self-destruction. Yet his personal management and pr army always managed to get him out of them either with favours, money, intimidation or hitjobs. There was the life of Star full of groupies, cocaine and castles made of space dolphins, until the incident happened and he burned all his wealth, leaving his pr team, to travel to the borderlands in search of either inspiration or redemption. Some say both.
Active skill: Cursed Nancy
I. His first skill is called Deadly Cantata(Phasesong!). There is a pool of songs each different in terms of rhythm. During the duration of Deadly Cantata weapons use bullets from the ammostock instead of the magazine for increased damage and critical damage, granted if the player shots in the established rhythm points of the songs; game changers affiliated with the skill improve bonuses for “hitting” the tempo and increase the case requirements for getting increased damage and critical damage from the skill. The faster you run, the faster the rhythm of the song.
Sometimes I just play fps with music and do this ■■■■ with shotguns, so it would be cool to have in-game bonuses for it.
II. His second skill is “Cursed Nancy”(Phaseguitar!), which starts it’s cursed melody purging him from all negative effects, increasing his movement speed, jump speed and range as well as increasing gun damage, melee damage, elemental damage and recoil(!); improving melee attack speed and damage. Allows shooting while sprinting. Can’t stop sprinting forward while the skill is active.
III. His third spell is “Aegis of Stars”(Phaseshield!), which depletes Star’s shield completely to create an impregnable aegis of energy, which absorbs bullets, explosions and grants damage absorption. Duration based on the % of shield depleted. Restores 100% shields after the spell ends. 10 seconds min duration, 20 seconds max duration, 10 seconds constant cooldown.
IV. Innate Passive. Tilted for Life. Each additional player in a squad decreases Star’s accuracy, hp, shields, fire resistance, but increases his corrosive damage.

In Rock! Tree focuses on elemental and explosive damage and improving his Cursed Nancy utility, speed and damage.

Lazy. Significantly slows the projectile speed, but increases gun damage and critical damage.

Soldier of unFortune. Gamechanger. Allows Star to increase his sprint speed up to 200% , while sprinting. All stacks are lost if Star Stops. Allows Star to shoot, melee and use grenades, while sprinting without “Cursed Nancy” being active.

Highway Star. Gamechanger. The faster Stark sprints, the quicker he swaps between weapons and the faster he reloads.

Fan of Classic. Major Gamechanger.
Grants 4 sub abilities with stacks mechanics. The max sum of all those 4 stacks active at the same time is 25. Each stack is gained after critical hit or kill by a specific weapon element.
Fireball. Each stack significantly increases gun damage and firerate, but significantly decreases elemental damage and elemental chance. Star gains 1 stack of Fireball each time he kill or crits and enemy with a fire weapon.
Rider on the Storm. Each stack significantly increases critical damage and movement speed, but decreases elemental duration and fire rate. Star gains 1 stack of ROTS each time he kill or crits and enemy with an electric weapon.
I am TNT. Each stack significantly increases elemental chance, duration and elemental damage, but significantly decreases firerate and gun damage.Star gains 1 stack of IATNT each time he kill or crits and enemy with an explosive weapon.
Bohemian Rhapsody. Each stack significantly explosive damage, fire rate, but decreases his critical damage and accuracy, Star gains 1 stack of BR each time he kill or crits and enemy with a non-elemental weapon.
The gamechanger forces a player to switch between weapons, and score critical hits, while sprinting in order to attain highest possible DPS.

King Lizzzard. As a legit ex-Lizard King, a firm believer in own Sireness and a star psychopath Star enjoys making music out of gunfire, bandit screams and mayo jars. This tree improves his Deadly Cantata damage output.

Walking Orchestra. Gamechanger
Each level increases cases, when Deadly Cantata bonuses are applied to Star’s shots.

  1. Basses.
  2. Drums.
  3. High points?(I am not a musician, so it must be reworked and tweaked to be better!)

Ace of spades Gamechanger
The less bullets you have in the current magazine the more critical damage and damage all your attacks deal. Doesn’t depend on %, but works with absolute values, in other words the less actual bullets/shots you have, the more damage you do. The reason of why most of smg’s and assault riffles don’t work well with star and makes him so strong at wielding jakobs or torque shotguns/pistols and rocket launchers, since the maximum bonus applies only if you have 4-6 bullets or less, 16+ bullets provide no bonus, moreover the ability affect grenades, so it improves their damage considerably.

HA! HA! Backstabbed! Gamechanger.
Melee override. Press F to apply a contract, can be applied to any friendly unit without their permission or agreement. Provides 30% damage when firing from hip, 20% gun damage 20% critical damage 20% fire rate 15% hp and 15% shields to Star and decreases targets’ accuracy by 40%, gun damage by 25% and hp capacity by 20%. Can’t be used on children. Star gets additional amplified friendly fire damage, when under its effect. No damage or fire rate bonus, if Stark isn’t running or jumping/flying. Star can betray himself providing all negative and bonus effects to himself by hitting a mirror.

BORED!/EXCITED! Major Gamechanger.
MAX Bored/Excited stacks is 200.
Every second, while idle, running, crouching, walking, being killed or being killed by a friendly fire Star gets a stack of BORED! Each Stack of BORED decreases movement speed, gun damage, firerate, reload speed, accuracy, but increases damage, fire rate, accuracy, reload speed, elemental damage and chance for the the target under the effect of “HA! HA! Backstabbed!”
Every instance Star Scores Critical hit, kills an enemy, damages/kills an ally, or uses rocket launchers, or damages enemy while airborne/sprinting he gets stacks of EXCITED! Each stack of EXCITED! Increases spring speed, fire rate, gun damage, critical damage, grenade damage, reload speed, swap speed, but decreases gun damage, critical damage, elemental chance/duration, elemental damage, health, shield of the target under the effect of “HA! HA! Backstabbed!”.

Vault Idol. Life a vault hunter inspired Star to create some really pieces of music. (Changes replies of bandits and other sentient enemies) Focuses on his Star Aegis.

On the Edge. Gamechanger
The less health Star has, the more gun damage, grenade damage, hp regeneration and fire rate he gets.

Mother Lover. Gamechanger
While using Aegis of Stars Star trades his current weapon’s ammo for health.

Rockserker. Major Gamechanger
Each time Star looses 11% of his health Star gets gets 5% damage resistance against all damage for 10 seconds. Stacks with itself. Each new stack restores the duration of all previous stacks. Stacks diminishingly. Doesn’t stack with shield’s damage reduction, but stacks with Aegis of Stars.

I found the file with my borderlands ideas, but it’s all in Uzbek xD

The idea was to create some nimble assault trooper, who benefits from high risk/high reward playstyle or who can trade part of his mobility/dps to tank and soak damage, who at the same time requires precision, sense of rythm and is skill dependant. Also, trolling.

I actually translated and modified one of my Uzbek notes.

Zeus Babaev

Cyber Athlete

I have always wanted to play a suicidal yolo healer, who kills enemies with money. Zeus is like an overweight professional gamer and a popular streamer. It would be just cool to play as a popular obese twitch streamer with suicide issues and schizoid personality disorder, which manifests in his anime obsession. He is like vault hunting or smth, cuz he has this thing for challenges and cyber games don’t satisfy him no more, cuz he is the God Gamer, so he bought the most expensive experimental tech the money can buy and started looking for the vault.

He is not the brightest, so he thinks that this is all just a video game and not real, so he kinda takes it all with some serious what the fuckery like a real millennial man.

He is so fat that he lost the ability to feel pain. He can feel only the feels.

This Game Is Balanced. Balances percentages of all health/armor bars present in a vast range. Has an average casting time. Low cooldown. Bosses are immune to it’s main effect and instead are being damaged by the power of justice; their health points are always counted as 100%. Targets in fight for your life either count as targets with 0 hp or not counted(this should be tested, cuz this ability may have different interesting interactions based on how it treats targets in fight for your life mode). WHY YOUR HELTH BAR IS NOT THE SAME AS MINE? IS IT A MICRO AGGRESSION? BALANCE IN LIFE – JUSTICE IN FIGHT, BRO!

Taking It For The Boyz. Heals a target or damages an enemy. Can’t target itself. Damage/Heal amount depends of Zeus current health percentage with damage being more potent at higher hps and heal being more potent at lower hps. Each cast consumes Zeus’ health. Instant animation. Has a very short cooldown and casting time. Damage can crit. Can be upgraded for additional control/save. When in fight for your life the ability counts it as Zeus having 0 hp.

Happy Place. Creates a generator, which creates a zone, which can be accessed only by friendly units; can’t be penetrated by projectiles. Within this zone HP of units can’t change no matter what including healing and regeneration, this applies to enemy units within the zone as well. Has a long cooldown. Has a considerable casting time. Canceled, if the generator is destroyed.

Millennial Rage. Passive. Whenever any enemy insults your teammate Zeus gets fueled by his righteous sense of social justice and gets increased melee damage and fire rate, but decreased accuracy. This effect stacks indefinitely, but all stacks are lost if Zeus gets hurt. MICRO AGGRESSIONS IN MY GAME? TRIGGERED!

Social Suicide tree. Focuses on his offensive support capabilities, improving Taking it for The Boyz, Fight for Your Life stats and single target control.

Sacrificial Lamb.

Whenever in Fight for Your Life Zeus regenerates his squad’s health and shields per second. Increases Fight for Your Life time.


Melee override. Zeus digistructs and throws one of his many subscribers(Midgets) to baffle an enemy for a short duration.

Can’t Use Guns. Pepega.

Game Changer. Whenever zeus shoots an enemy or an ally his health is damaged relatively to the damage dealt. Enemies suffer from an increased damage and friendly fire heals allies for as much health as Zeus is loosing multiplied by a number, which is обратно пропорционально to Zeus health percentage.

200 IQ.

Gamechanger. Using Taking It For The Boyz swaps you with a target.


Major Game Changer. Allows Zeus to use Taking It For The Boyz, when in Fight for Your Life mode. Whenever Zeus uses this skill he is verbally raging on the target applying Rage on it. Raged targets can’t move, do and receive more damage and can’t die for as long as Zeus is not in fight for your life. Both damage amplifications depend of Zeus’ current health; higher health means higher damage bonus and weaker damage amplification debuff, lower health means lower damage bonus and stronger damage amplification debuff.

Father of All Weebs tree, which focuses on his defensive support capabilities, improving his This Game Is Balanced skill and survivability.

200kg Beast.

Gamechanger. If Zeus takes damage his movement speed is slowed by 40%, but he gains 80% negative status effects resistance(reduces status effects duration) and damage resistance up to 50% based on his current hp; maximum damage resistance at the maximum(!) hp.


Gamechanger. If Zeus uses This Game is Balanced, when his hp<20% the skill counts his hp as 100% for allies and as 5% for enemies. Balancing enemies hp now counts as damage, instead of direct health points manipulation, thus being affected by damage amplifications. Whenever This Games is Balanced deals more than a certain amount of damage(depending on level) it applies elemental effects on targets depending on the current gun equipped. Has inner cooldown independent from the skill’s cooldown.

It’s called Hentai and It’s Art.

Zeus has discovered space hentai effectively loosing his accuracy for increased melee damage. Melee slaps now may send slagging blobs at enemies.

Combat Savant.

Major gamechanger.

This Game is Balanced now has no cooldown, but with a 10% chance puts one of your teammates in fight for your life. Using the skill, when someone is in fight for your life grants your teammate the second wind, but puts your another teammate in fight for your life with a chance of 30%. Enjoy. Can become an effective way of killing your entire squad for money.

Glorious God Gamer tree, which focuses on Zeus melee and impact during in fight for your life.

GGG. Minor Gamechanger. Melee in fight for your life has 800% bonus damage and get element of the equipped weapon. In fight for your life Zeus doesn’t lose movements speed, can’t be slowed down or knock backed.

The Next Level Gameplay.


Instead of spending ammo Zeus uses money to fire his guns. Unable to buy, regenerate or pick up ammo. Gun Damage is increased by 40%.

RNG King. All chance percentages in game are increased by a multiplicative bonus of 10/20/30/40/50% for all teammates(stacks diminishingly); affects loot percentages for twice as less, similar to Vault Hunter Relic.

New Age Millionaire.

Increases all monetary gain by 20%/40%/80%/160%/320%

Ninja of Color. Whenever Zeus’ looses his shields or his health is below 40% he paints his hair pink, cyan or green, increasing his movement and swap speeds. (May be this joke is too much)

  1. Major Gamechanger.

If you or your teammate enter fight for you life in 5 seconds after the use of This Game Is Balanced and then dies, then you or your teammate will suffer no death penalty, will be granted with 322$ and the rest of your squad will restore 100% of hp, shields, grenades and ammo.

But he is cool, cuz he is a streamer and influencer, so whatever he does is cool. Even when he is greasing with angry midgets.