Happy 4th ACM and TDM is ALIVE and Well

Wow…cant believe its been 4 years already-TDM is still rockn–Took under 1 minute to get a 5 on 5 game tonight…Got my a$$ kicked but got a few 3 kill streaks going after a bit.1st time I played TDM in a year–I still play the campaign missions on and off…Not as much as I used to but I still Love it.Might do the Entire Campaign this weekend on Recruit of course…They still haven’t givin me the “Unlimited Ammo/weapons"including the Smartgun and the 'Player Invincability” yet

Wait, how did you even find a game? I thought the multiplayer was completely dead. I never got to find a game at least. Maybe I am just doing something wrong. Anything in particular you might’ve done that might help me find a game?

Yea -I play on PS3–On a weekday too…After I read your comment tonight I turned it on to see if maybe I got Lucky lasttime finding a game–It took 30 seconds again tonight to find a game of TDM…About helping you find a game–I just turn on ACM and go to VS and go to TDM and hit find a game.I don’t pick any certain Map–I just do the Random TDM game search-730PM-8PMish CST-I do remember other people saying they couldn’t find games but im not sure why.I hope you can find a game…They “Mostly"play at night- Mostly” :acmtease:

Oh, right, I read that once before. I forgot to mention that I play on PC. I heard that people were still playing this game on PS3, but not on PC. I didn’t really believe it since if it’s dead on one port, why wouldn’t it on the other. But I think I have my proof here. Thank you for the info!

No problem–I think I remember some of these guys saying ACM MP would work better with “Dedicated Servers” or “Bots”–But due to the fact that I’ve never had a problem finding a TDM game-Im not sure what to say there.I am kinda disappointed that a lot of those extra Maps are useless unless you know a bunch of people to get a “Friends” game going for 5 on 5 on any map…Take care