Happy about buffs, however . .

It great to see they’re making efforts towards restoring old favourite weapons value. However, that can’t coexist along with anoinments that have heavy influence over damage. The result of having a heavy hitting gun further amplified by crazy anoinments is an easy, cheesy, unengaging experience that is surely to hurt game’s longevity.
Once these things start to happen I think about two things: a game tailored for the new/casual player and mayhem 3.0 lurking round the corner as yet another attempt to introduce some challenge.
Hopefully I’m wrong.


the grenade buff things for past two months has been nothing short of ridiculous like at least throw the damn nades and see if they do anything at all lmao


I get your point, but the game doesn’t really get more challenging just by making us take longer to kill enemies anyway, so the difficulty atm largely depends on the character you play and less so on mayhem mode or the modifiers. Playing as Fl4k and playing as Amara are 2 very different experiences when it comes to mobbing, although Fl4k has their own easy mode as well, but you sacrifice a lot of damage output for that build (Red Fang).

Also, as long as we have gear that is head and shoulders above everything else, buffing weaker equipment won’t do anything negative to the difficulty curve, it will just give players more options.

Honestly, I don’t even know how Gearbox should make the game harder without nerfing fundamental mechanics of the Vault Hunters. We have 2 ways of complete immunity against damage on 2 of the vault hunters (Moze and Zane), massive Lifesteal on Amara and the “enemies act as if I wasn’t there” mode of Fl4ks Red Fang class mod. Besides that it would need nerfs to the action skills of Zane and Moze to balance them out more and I can guarantee you that won’t happen anytime soon (if ever) as people would absolutely riot if Gearbox did that after all this time.

The result of those problems is the Guardian Takedown, which uses methods that directly ignore the players health/shield and just kill them when they don’t follow the exact instructions (or jump at the wrong moment). And that on the other hand, while successful in making it harder, feels cheap and unfair for many as it circumvents established game mechanics.

Gearbox have designed themselves into a corner by making this games’ Vault Hunters too strong. It’s a nice problem to have, but still a problem.

I’m happy about increasing the arsenal. My point is that you can’t have both powerful weapons and powerful anointments without making the game easier than it was before.
I wish they kept on increasing weapon damage so more become viable while rework or even remove anointments.

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Yeah, I’m like : As their even rougly trying it? I’m not even talking about thorough testing : Has ONE dev tried to throw ONE grenade on basic trash mob since the game launch?

I think deep down I know that the anointment battle is a lost cause. There’s just no way that they’ll ever significantly lessen the role of anointments in the game now that they’ve engineered Mayhem 2.0 based around the ridiculous damage buffs anointments offer.

Probably more than any other change, I’d like to see anointments completely reworked (or even removed), but I just know that it’s too late for that. So despite acknowledging that you’ve made a good point I think it’s just going to fall on deaf ears. Gearbox has already had to completely rework the Mayhem system twice (M4 and M2.0), not to mention the massive changes they’ve been pressured to make on the loot system (dedicated loot pools and non-respawning named NPCs, & bosses), all of the broken character problems (iron bear and FL4K’s pets being useless for 80% of the game’s life), the large amount of balancing changes they’ve made, etc. Gearbox probably feels like they’re being run ragged rewriting and fixing all of these core, fundamental systems; I doubt they’ll be tackling anoinments. It would just be too good to be true. And honestly I think it would upset a massive number of players who have farmed endlessly for the right anoints if they were somehow changed to be less necessary in endgame play. I suspect anointments will stay as a failed experiment for the remainder of the game.


It’s funny because the way annointments are now is literally the reason why they didn’t bring back slag. In OP levels you needed slag for that extra 200/300% damage. And now in M10 you need annointments for…

that extra 200/300% damage.

Silver lining though, the community made a mod for BL2 that nerfed slag to only 15% extra damage(and added extra debuffs) and enemy health to compensate. Same will most likely be the case for BL3 and annointments, nerfing them to luneshine levels.


Just putting this out there, but anointments are going nowhere…

The game has already been balanced around them, and to remove them would require a complete overhaul of Borderlands 3…all while new DLC is in production, and other weapons/skills are being looked at for fixing/buffing…

That’s a long shot…it ain’t happening

It would be enough to remove the complete useless ones and buff some support anoitments.
Hopefully GBX continues their way, by doing so.

And these weapon buffs are nice but I think with the 4th DLC, they all get useless again.

I’m worried about one little thing, atm all 4 vh are more than op with the right build. Nothing is challenging. Last time I felt this way was short before mayhem 2.0 was implanted.
Maybe the 4th skill tree will have a similar impact to the game.

That I agree with…so tired of seeing:

-75% badass damage for a short time
-8% Movement Speed after attack command (HOT trash)
-Increase accuracy/handling in Fade Away
-33% reload/67% handling on Moze
-Status Effect Chance on Barrier
-9% Fire Rate & 23% Reload on Zane while STNL is up
-Instantly recharge shields on Barrier
-Enemies below 25% health, 50% increased wpn dmg (Have NOT seen a good use for this)
-Action Skill Start, Regenerate One Grenade

These are the worst, and have no use in this game.


This I disagree with…the “challenging” part is actually learning the character and farming the gear.

The goal of this game is to feel like a badass…You’ve already overcame the challenge

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or get shafted for following the instructions and not “cheat” the game. i managed to fail on the scourge boss twice in a row earlier today because of their “fix” to prevent people from skipping the teleport with iron bear. losing complete control over my character for a brief moment while getting fecked by a post mortem ghost and then teleported to an empty area with no way to get second wind is not that great. worst part is that it’s still possible to skip the teleport, and those who don’t get shafted for not cheating, essentially.

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Grenades had an OK buff, Storm and Firestorm had significant buffs. Even the recursion had a little damage buff.

But as is typical, game froze and crashed after FT to GTD. This is from a full restart of console and game. Just once, I’d love an update that didn’t break my game.

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I had mentioned in another thread that action skill specific annointments should be removed and added in some way to the augments in the skill trees. Obviously some will need to be tweaked, but it would create a smaller pool to pick annointments from and improve some of the lesser used augments and action skills.

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