Happy about HW and Thanks!

Last week has been a trip to the past, at least for me. Happily i played HW:1 remastered and while it took me a bit to get used to the controls again, the sounds and atmosphere sucked me right in. Memories brought me back to the late 90’s, where HW was one of the great games out there. Surprisingly the game still holds it’s own in todays day and age. That’s mostly because its timeless story and beautiful art style.

Nowaday’s there are a lot of remakes of old games. HD versions, which most of the times are cheap ports.
I think HW:remastered is a loveletter to a beautiful game and franchise. And should be used as an example on what the bar is for remade games from the past.

I want to thank Gearbox and it’s employees for doing this. Not only can we play HW again but allso in a manner that the game seems like a new contemporary game.
Of course thanks to Relic in the first place for making such a gem of a game.
Thanks to Blackbird who helped in the remastering process. Congratulations getting this great chance in helping getting your old game out there and getting the opportunity to release Shipbreakers in the same franschise.
Many thanks go to the modding scene of course. Their ongoing support for the mods made me and many others return to the game occasionally. Not forgetting they provided the dev team with some great information on how to work the code.
If i am forgetting anyone involved in the process. Wel thank you too. :smile:

When i saw the update for HW i was very happy to see some of the bugs, i too noticed, got squashed.
I had the cut scene skip black screen happen to me. Noticed the weird letterboxing in Mission 3. And couldn’t finish the ‘Salvage the Khar-Selim’.
Next to that i noticed some weird resource collector behavior. But i red that is an issue that is allready being looked into.
In the HW:1 Remastered tutorial missions i remember i had some weird research stuff i could click on but wouldn’t work. I think they shouldn’t even be there, right?

One thing i am really curious about. In the original HW:1 it was possible to capture and use the enemy carrier on Mission 2. I wasn’t been able to in the remastered version. Was this a deliberate decision to not been able to do this. Or should this be considered a bug?