Happy birthday battleborn stream

Hello everyone at gearbox and all battleborn fans.

I have come here today to let you know that the community badass streamer TheOnlyTachyon is so excited for this special day for the game that has a special place in all our hearts. If you all could pop by and just say happy birthday battleborn.

@JoeKGBX,@jythri, and all gearbox developers. @Ganjamira dont think i forgot about all the support and help that you mods have done.


I think it’s obvious they are not Happy


what doe that graph represent? Is that steam players?

aw now why you gotta ruin our fun

im assuming that the graph is for steam.

He seems to be getting into matches on Xbox one just fine.

Bots Battle on PS4 took no longer than 15 seconds to find people last night.

There are no messages from the developer. It seems they do not care about the game and the players.

…Yes, Started the day with 37 people, up to 97 right now.
Didn’t expect it to be this dead today so I started a new Borderlands run.
(Back to your roots)