Happy Halloween, what will you be doing

I personally have 3 weeks of Hulker Hell to play through on Defiance and may pop in on Destiny.

You got plans for your play time?

Vodka. Grinding for legendaries in Battleborn - A&TR. Loads of face-off and Meltdown chill matches. Probably more vodka. Old-Skool Star Wars Battlefront 2 LAN party with friends at some point, looking forward to that.

Dress up, chill. Watch horror movies or play horror games.

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I will be getting very drunk, and possibly playing games very early in the morning when everyone else has ■■■■■■ off.

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I’m going to the costume party

Borderlands stuff. I’ll be playing Zombie Island and Bloody Harvest.


Ignoring the front door, I know I know, but if I buy sweets I want to eat them dagnamit


Dressing up as…I don´t know yet, chill at home with @Sm0kerCrew , maybe making pictures for the robot-thread and watching as many Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror - episodes as possible.

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It would be cool to see you two together dressed up.

Well, since Halloween isn’t a thing here (despitr what candy manufacturers and toy stores want us to believe) and Oct 31st and Nov 1st are religious holidays here (only thing religion is what useful for) I probably won’t do anything aside from going to gym

I have no clue whatsoever what I will be doing on Halloween.

Probably listening the ■■■■ out of Anaal Nathrakhs new album that releases the 28th.

Plans for myself… not sure…

Plans at work, kids Halloween party. Mall manager is going on vacation so she gave me the creative rights for decorating, wooo! Drafted in my mom to help volunteer too. She loves crafts and little kiddies in costumes so I bet she will love it xD

Since I’ll just be playing games all night I can at least dress up my characters

So Gaige is going as a Hyperion bot.
Wish I had a nice blue and white skin for her because ION loaders are terrible

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Unless roomie tells me about a party that weekend or some ■■■■, likely working.

So what did you end up doing?