Happy Mercenary Day 2015!

Join the celebration in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with Mercenary Day heads and skins and the Ol’ Painful assault rifle! The elusive Odjurymir has also been spotted in Serenity’s Waste.*

Enter these SHiFT Codes to redeem. Act fast as these codes won’t be around forever!

PC / Mac / Linux: WC5T3-TJSXJ-JTTTT-3J3BT-669ZF
Xbox One or Xbox 360: WK53B-5BXBS-WWXTF-K6JJT-5C656
PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3: WK53B-5BXFK-ZXTWB-S3KJT-5C6ZT

To redeem, at the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Main Menu select ‘Extras’ then SHiFT Code, or enter the code directly into the SHiFT Vending Machine in Concordia.

For help and assistance with SHiFT and / or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, visit: http://support.gearboxsoftware.com/

*Internet connection and latest hot fixes are required to spawn Odjurymir


These will likely expire in early 2016, my best guess right now is the end of January, but I’ll have to check in on some things when I get back in the office in the new year.

Thanksgiving codes are still live :slight_smile:


Hahaha Clap Trap is hilarious looking.

I mean, more than usual that is.


Ha ha! Aurelia’s mug is hilarious.

If only it stopped freezing on PS4.

Believe it or not, I totally missed out on Odjurymir last time, so really happy to get a look at the beastie. I like the way it dies - no loot scattering to the six galaxies (or whatever). Also, nice loot pool! Thanks, and a Happy Mercenary Day to all the folks at GBX! :cake:

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Snowman heads and beautiful Christmas colors. I love you guys! :blush:

I’m looking forward to redeeming this and fighting Odjurymir! We’ve missed him! Also, many of us still wish we could fight both of those guys at once!

That’s crazy talk!

Count me in on that list

Or When you kill Ody he splits into 2 Iwa’s and he splits into 4 of those super armored BA Kragons and they split into…


Now you’re talking… big boss slowly worn down into a gigantic mob. That would be a fun fight.


@Jeffybug Can we get the Heartbearker this Valentines Day please. :blush:


EDIT: Here’s a few more to appease the loot Gods. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat::couple_with_heart::couplekiss::wedding::hearts::dukeego:


I mean he took the time to find every heart emoticon available on this forum…


Yea man. Full concurrency here.

One of these emotes is not like the others. Can you find it?

But the post wasn’t empty. Go home, Discourse, …

Would love to get something for Valentine’s Day!

Have an early snag at some Valentine’s Day Skins! These will be going out wild in the world tomorrow :wink:


Awesome, thanks!

Awesome thanks so much!