Happy new years, Battleborners (Is that a real word?)

It’s 2017 and “I” want to know what everyone’s favorite part of 2016 was regarding Battleborn and what you look forward to for Battleborn in 2017

P.S. I hope this year will be kinder to our favorite hero shooter


Who’s that on the left O_o?

The hype, the excitement. The feeling I got when I was heading to GameStop to.pick up my pre-ordered copy, the jitters as I took the disc out of its case and may or may not have almost dropped it. The joy I get from looking at my Orendi figurine and the sticker my friend drew, of Orendi. That was my favorite part of 2016 as far as Battleborn is concerned, besides enjoying the game itself as to me that’s too obvious of an answer.

Here’s to 2017 my fellow forumites. :tropical_drink:
As for @jythri, @JoeKGBX, and all other GBX forumites whose names I can’t remember, thanks for making Battleborn great and continuing to make Solus proud. Can a star have feelings? Ask Robert Downey Jr…


I’m guessing Ambra picked up at a New Year’s party… hey, are Silent Sisters even allowed to date? I’ll save that for Jythri’s next lore-divulging spree, I guess.

My favorite thing about Battleborn 2016 was Mellka. My favorite thing about Battleborn 2017 will be Mellka. I am nothing if not consistent.


It’s anot artists interpretation of Galilea under the armor. Oh and Happy New Year all you Battleboners!


Beatrix is a Silent Sister’s daughter, so barring some sort of breeding program or system of arranged marriage I assume they can date and/or get married.


Oh, I can see that now. I always imagine Gali to have a shaved head, personally.

PS: quoting this before you notice that you wrote “Battleboners” (unless that was intended.) I am personally very amused right now.


The typo was very much intended lol


Oh that makes sense now. Isn’t Galilea purple though?

Apparently the artist is color blind

In no particular order…

My brand new wall length mirror.
More rockets.
FINALLY bein’ able to eat NORMAL food again as my punishment for that business on Ekkunar is almost up. 2 more months, baby! 2 more months and then F**K UPR RATIONS!!!
That drone I commandeered from Kid Ultra and re purposed as a floatin’ camera that’ll follow me around.
BIG rockets.
Hella selfies.
Little rockets from my brand new TALON MOUNTED POUNDER!!! IT’S DONE!!! EAT IT CALDY!!!

And that’s it.

Oh yeah… and hookin’ Toby up with Pam. That’s gonna be sweet.


Maybe they just ran out of purple crayon. You dunno. I dunno. Maybe Gali goes grey when she’s not in battle.

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No dude, she is dark orchid.

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Battlebuddies is a far better name for the community, but eh, I guess I can live with Battleborners


Burst dash.


Happy New Year peeps :sunny:


I played for a few weeks until my internet basically died. I would turn on my PS4 and just stare at Battleborn knowing it wouldn’t work and reluctantly turn on another game. That’s when I joined the forums. So that day

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My fwvorite things from 2016? My list is short and sweet:

This game

Because drawing the above has given me a chance to meet new friends ;u;


Beatrix. Operations. Making stuff for Battleborn.

Also don’t forget! There’s an AMA coming up this month on the Unofficial Battleborn Discord and many of us (well mostly @Kitru) have been tirelessly coming up with as many questions as there are guns in a Borderlands game to keep @Jythri @JoeKGBX and crew on their toes. No date has been set yet but the #ama_question_suggestions channel is still open for people to put things down for the AMA. If you haven’t already, you should totally join the server and get an admin to sort out your roles.

Make sure to say “hi” to @lowlibot in #battleborn-gear :wink:


It’s been cool meeting and playing with you all this year. Have a good '17.