Happy Rakk day y'all

For thems of us what’s c’ brate “Thanks for Borderlands Day”, Happy Happy!I
All’s us Borderlanders frum our section of this rock we call Hamdora, a hamlet on the back side of Pandora, gots tagetha to gobble up a pile of “Rakk on a plaque”
There was roasted and toasted and even a few boasted Rakk! Piles ovem cause as those that eats them fuzzers, knows, there ain’t much meats on em.
Today we’re snuggled down in our Hamlet holes, sleeping off the side effects of too much Rakk. You know, that head buzz you get from the residue from all the weaponry, shields and splosives that permeate those buzzers! So you badazz buggers can rampage safe from the Hamdorans today…but tomorrow betta duck suckers, kuz we’re coming back atcha with a belly fulla Rakk!
“Piece Y’all”



Why thank you kind sir, I shall pass your comments to my murderous brothers and sisterns to allow you safe passage upon Pandora.
Stay bloodthirsty!

Good hunting