Happy Star Wars Day! (aka You got Fantasy in my Sci-Fi!)

Hey folks -

Though this will date me a bit, I just wanted to shout out to Star Wars as probably my favorite franchise of all time. I was 7 years old when I saw Star Wars (Now Star Wars IV: A New Hope) in the theatre. Aside from Bambi, it’s the first movie I can remember seeing in a theatre. That was magical for my childhood.

While the newer movies haven’t all been what I would wish, I’m happy to see the franchise growing again and especially under fresh direction!

I think the thing I’ve always loved about Star Wars was that it was “space fantasy”. Sure, lasers and laser swords and spaceships sci-fi, but with the Force as “Magic” in the universe. Dead krayyt “dragons” in the Dune Sea of Tatooine. Wild and disparate races in the cantinas. That blend of magic and tech has always been fun for me.

Battleborn has had us asking a lot of similar questions about the blend of sci-fi with fantasy. With the “last star” concept pushing us hard sci-fi and then concepts like Thorn (aka “elf with bow and magic”) taking us perceptably back into fantasy land.

Where do you guys sit?

Prefer hard sci-fi, with strong fictional rationalizations? (coughmidichlorianscough)

Or, do you prefer to get magic in your science and mix it up in over-the-top adventure?


Isnt Star Wars considered a “Space Opera”?

Anyway, I like both hard SCIENCE fiction as well as more stuff that isnt really science based, but still set in space/future? Although from observation, it seems more “magicy” ones can have a more consistant style and “coolness” factor.

I really loved Guardians of the Galaxy (hence the avatar), and I think a big part of that was the style. The costuming and ship designs were consistant within each faction, and reflected their personality well. In the directors commentary James Gunn says that the Ravangers could have built ships that dont have loud rumbling engines, but they like it.

Star Wars is also good at this (especially OT, where there was only 2 real factions), making designs of stuff cool always makes a funner movie than purley practice (otherwise Mad Max would drive a hybrid or ride a bike).

Anyway, Im super excited for episode 7.

I’m with you, @Jythri- I love the sci-fi fantasy mix overall, but especially in Star Wars.

I like the star wars franchise, i have first seen the original trilogy on VHS when i still was a little boy (10 maybe). Watched those 3 movies a lot. Never knew there would ever be a prequels, but when the new movies came i did go the the cinema and really enjoyed myself. i know, i know, some people prefer the original movies (storytelling wise). Star Wars has also been a special effects benchmark for me. The first movies pulled stuff of that no one knew was possible back then. The newer movies also did some awesome stuff.

Although Lord of the Rings is known for it’s large scale (CGI) battle. That is something the the special effects studio (ILM) learn by first making star wars. With Attack of the Clones i could dream of a Battlefield kind of game featuring all those new war machines (and then we hot Battlefront. it was not as good as battlefield but i enjoyed it).

Looking forward to the new movies.

Fantasy can be weird, but it has to be executed that it’s believable.

I like Star Wars. One of the few franchises I can think of where there are countless games and books based off what is basically fan fiction of the main series. Credit where it’s due, even when Lucas says EU is noncanon it’s nice to still see stuff being made with it.

Star Wars I grew up watching repeatedly even had some action figures when I was a kid. The whole series to me has made a dramtic impact on the science fiction genre, Im interested in how the new Battlefront game by Dice will turn out.

In front: sorry for the necromancing on this topic, but I could´nt help myself.

Thats exactly what I loved about StarWars and Stargate as a child! :smiley: And its pretty much was fascinated me in the DUNE epos and same counts for Battleborn!
Since the Tiny Tiny DLC for BL2 I was eager to see more fantasy in my Pandora^^

The Universe itself happens to be infinite, so dragons, or more dragonlike aliens or aliens we´d recognize as elves (vulcans???!!!) are highly possible. So far I love that Battleborn serves us with a wide range of races - always important for me in scifi. (<- the crowded StarWars bars and tavernes as example)

Stargate brought us the Wraith as scifi vampires, the Jennerit work just fine as well. I recognized some great concepts so far seen from great scifi and fantasy stories (Miko as sciencent plant = Paou Zen from Farscape?^^)

And does someone remember Babylon 5 and their Technomages?

I have never been a hardcore Star Wars fan, but I do love the original trilogy. My uncle was in theatre opening day for New Hope and SWEARS it didn’t say Episode IV, that they changed it VERY shortly after the first screenings. My dad disagrees with him and it’s still a family argument to this day!

I love the idea of mixing fantasy with sci-fi and agree with you about the current direction of the franchise. I will say, I think the best Star Wars movie is, hands down, Spaceballs, though I can’t figure out which movie it’s supposed to fall in between. Anyways, May the Schwartz be with you!!!

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Necromancy is a fantasy trope.