Hard crash when going into orbit view

Hey guys,

Testing the waters on this issue, not sure if it’s affects xbox users in general, but if you’re up for a science experiment, to see how widespread the issue is.

I’ve noticed that when booting the game and pulling open the map and letting it sit for a minute or two and then going to orbit view, the game hard crashes and the Xbox needs restarting.

Not a huge issue but wondering if it’s happening to others. Hope to see it fixed and if you can give it a shot to see if it’s a thing, that would be awesome!


I’ve had the same issue twice today. Opened fast travel, went to smoke, came back, went to orbit view, and the Xbox hard powered down.

Similar problems, until a hot fix or two back going back up from maps caused my machine to hard crash to off and had to be restarted. It also kicked my USB keyboard offline. It’s doing it a lot less frequently now. (It did it almost every single time navigating maps).