Hard math for mag size

Only mag size increase; artifact +40%. Breath of the dying initial mag size: 45. 45×0.4=18 exactly. 45+18=63. Why is my final mag size 62? Wfhjhefjkdc#^*$'x^^#&^

Card magazine size is a rounded number. In actuality your mag is probably 44.5 and the game rounds to the nearest int and gives you 45 shots. However the back end calculations are done with the true mag size hence 44.5×1.4=62.3 which rounds down to 62.

The butcher is another gun with this behaviour, displays mag 10, but you add a 40% mag size boost and you get 13 in the mag.


Ty. New question. Why is the card number not whole?

I imagine it’s because the part system generates mag sizes from a variety of factors plus certain parts can alter mag size. So to try make it spit out whole numbers would be a nightmare.


Oh, I see. Tyvm.


You nailed this, I was trying to explain this to some other people a few days ago


I had a similar issue to this with movement speed bonuses the other night, does it work the same way?

Seems likely. How did you determine movement speed bonuses?

I’ve never looked into movement speed bonuses before so I have no idea. I guess it probably does.

@Derch any idea?

movement speed is so hard to measure, I stay far from that

I dont remember, I was messing with a pet build for Fl4k and my movement speed bonus doubled, but it was a point short from what it was supposed to be, I’m at work tight now so I cant check it to see what it was

Im guessing most bonuses can work without rounding the numbers anyway, mag size and damage are the only really strict ones because numbers pop up on screen. But luck for example (as seen on relics) is rounded on second decimal, so it varies from stat to stat but most of it is negligible, only big one being mag size imo.


It was psycho head on a stick, I had 1 point in it and a class mode that gave an additional point so the bonus should be 24% movement speed but only gave 23%, its marginal but I found it odd

How did you determine it only gave 23%?

The stat card on the side said 23%

So it rounds the number on the card, it might not be rounded in the game if you could actually test it with enough precision.

I wouldnt even know how to test that accurately

So why should it have been 24%? Did you see that before placing the point into it?

Because it doubled the other value for the skill

Ok, this is tiring. Thinking something should be 24% and it being 23% is entirely different from seeing something at 24% and it becoming 23% which are both different from seeing something at 24% and testing it to determine it is actually 23%.