Hard time seeing anything in COV maps

I don’t know if it’s just me, but does anyone else have trouble seeing things on the COV maps on mayhem 1+? I’m finding it difficult to enjoy the gameplay on these maps because it can very visually polluting. Especially when playing as Zane with the barrier out.

I’m also not a super big fan of the infinite rocket spam mechanic, when three of them can spawn alongside multiple anointed who are pretty ridiculous mechanics-wise on there own. I understand the increase in bad ass spawns in the higher difficulties, I know it’s supposed to be harder. But when I’m getting hit with 6+ rockets at the same time, not only is it difficult to survive, but it’s almost blinding. I literally cannot see and I can’t run away fast enough to get a good eye because they are dead on. And if any of them are cryo, there’s no chance at all to get free. I’ve tried playing more carefully, and hanging back to scope out the map, but when it starts it’s basically over.

I love the maliwan maps, especially athenas, and find myself just literally replaying it over and over because it feels like I actually have a chance. The enemies there seem way more balanced in that nogs and badass heavies can make people immune and lay down the hurt respectively. But if I focus on them and work my way around it feels like I’m making progress, especially since the heavies actually have a weakness but are still very strong.

I know there are stronger characters with stronger builds and when I play with moze everything is mostly cool cause I can just ignore the damage and keep dishing out my own. But I really hope that they don’t strive to balance all the gameplay around pure facetanking of enemies cause it spells danger for the more glass cannon types. Especially if I can’t outplay the perfect aim ai. As Zane I can’t see to get crits or take cover and end up downed in seconds. It just kinda sucks cause the COV get a lot of the maps. Does anyone else have these kinds of issues with COV maps or is it just me or just playing as Zane?

I fully agree that they need to rework particle effects for visibility. Particularly for cryo. Less rocket spam would be nice too as i’m finding myself having to rely on shields with a health gate and quick healing sources again. As this game matures i’d rather it not become borderlands 2’s ‘build invincible or not at all.’ meta

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