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I was relooking at this skill and noticed it only reduces damage .5% at 5 skill points. But it seems to be much more effective than that. I have only managed to stack it up to 5 or 6, even at 10 that would only be 5% reduction. Is there an effect that I have missed?

It’s just you troubled, there’s no additional special affect granted besides the damage reduction.

Edit: I wish it did something more, especially since there is that in game tip that says “There’s a skill in Wilhelm’s dreadnaught tree which makes him stronger when taking damage.”


Problem with damage reduction is, it’s inversely multiplicative.

So, say you get 100 stacks, bringing you to 50% reduction, the damage received would be

reduced dmg = ━━━━━━ = damage * 66%
              1 + 50%

The actual reduction you get at 100 stacks is only 33%.

But there’s probably stuff like elemental penalties on your shield that further reduce the incoming damage.

Ya its one of those that dont do a whole lot, like kinetic armor.

It is a very situational skill but I wouldn’t necessarily call it bad.

In situations where you are nickel and dimed constantly with damage you can build stacks relatively quickly and they will last.

But for the most part, in this version of the game, those situations are very few and far between. You are more likely to get hit with a massive streak of damage and then not be damaged for a while thus losing any biuilt stacks.

I also think it depends a lot on the playstyle of the player. If you are a Wilhelm who holds back, uses tactics and terrain and picks your time and spot. This is not the skill for you. If you are an in your face style player, it may be a more effective skill depending on the amount of enemies you are facing and how much damage they are dealing out and at what rate.

Mmh. What about a Spadroon + Tannis Enlightenment Jedi build with 11/5 Hard to kill… (assuming there’s a COM for that skill) and a Juggernaut oz kit with 29% resistances, and the Bulwark with its 32.9% Laser resistance.

reduced dmg = damage * 1 / (1 + 110% + 29% + 32.9) = damage * 36%

Incoming laser damage more reduced to almost one third at 100 stacks, and being as in your face as possible might grant considerable amounts of stacks, and the Laser and Flamethrower could wreck everything in short distance. Just not flying enemies.

I like it!..A Spadroon swinging Jedi Wilhelm. There has to be a com that offers Hard to Kill…lemme check

Edit…sadly…I don’t think there is…

Aww there’s no COM for Hard to kill. So, 100 stacks, Juggernaut, Bulwark and a Moxxtail would be

reduced dmg = damage * 1 / (1 + 50% + 29% + 32.9% + 20%) = damage * 43% 

and with an adaptive shield of 73% it would be

reduced dmg = damage * 1 / (1 + 50% + 29% + 73% +20%) = damage * 36% 

against certain element types.

20% from moxxtail only results in 3 to 4% further reduction. Speak of diminuishing returns.

You could also add a Moxxitail for an additional 20% damage reduction.


I tried the arena with and without hard to kill specked.

It definitely makes a positive difference in the arena.

To the point that with it specked I can occasionally win at level nine solo. Without it specked, I have not won at level 9 solo yet.

Kinda what I had noticed, there seems to be a survival benefit that is beyond the spec value.

DX I really need to get clappys dlc

I tried out hard to kill for 2 weeks straight its not a bad skill but the stacks decay WAY too fast if theres a break in the action. Just dont know if its worthwhile.

Hard too Kill stacks only last for 10 seconds, so if no enemies damage you.
Within 10 seconds of obtaining one, you lose them all.

(Self inflicted damage from grenades, barrels & environment like cryo plants or lava doesn’t count)

All true the stacks do decay quickly if you’re not taking any damage.

However, there are times when it is a pretty darn good skills. The mutant arena is one of them. I watched my stacks climb quickly to 100 and stay there till I finished that wave. Next wave I watched it do exactly the same thing.

So I’m not saying that it is an all the time skill that needs to be specked. what I’m saying is that in certain conditions it is quite good. And the nice thing about that mutant arena is you have a spec machine right there in the arena so it’s an easy change.

Play style is also important. If you are hanging back and picking them off one at a time it is not a good skills. If you are playing an in your face style play style especially in the arena, it is an excellent skill.

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I personally love it for fighting sentinel. Your almost always taking some form of elemental damage if your on the floor in his second phase. And oh That’s great! I wish the holodome had a respec machine there.

I bet it will be quite good there as well but have not tested it myself. Maybe in the last phase of the EOS fight. Where you are being hit with constant barrage of rockets and photons and Eye of Helio’s and Leeches and swarmers… And those darn Golden Circles of death.

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