Hardcoded buttons

Why in the world are there hardcoded keyboard bindings on a PC game… Please remove them so that some of us who don’t play standard wasd and instead use esdf; because more real estate and better ergonomics, can bind the t key and the y key to something more useful. Like say Primary Use button… I mean WTF… Why in the world do you AAA devs keep doing this crap? Razer is about to get my money for an orbweaver so that I don’t have to deal with this bull anymore. Of course then this could be a bug on a release game that never got caught because sheeple. Then I’d look like and Ass…


“T” key is main issue for me, it’s so annoying

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i rebound crouch/ slam to be C and alt fire mode to be T and now alt fire modes doesn’t work

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This game is incredibly NOT PC friendly and navigating menus is horrible…