Hardcore advanced heliophage solo clear is possible?

sorry for my bad english.

don’t care medal grade, just want clear because I want Rendain’s legendary gear.
I know normal or advanced Rendain drop legendary gear but advanced hardcore have higher drop rate
I already clear advanced heliophage solo with ISIC but can’t pass boss rush phase in hardcore mode.
any tips?

It should be. I managed to get gold soloing Advanced with Galilea and died once.
The only problem I can see is at the very end where you might get knocked back and die (which happened to me) but as long as you have a wall behind you, you should be fine.

Is hardcore mode that much harder than advanced solo? Haven’t tried it out myself.

This is the best run-thru I’ve seen, Shinies does a great job walking you through everything:

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Hardcore has no respawns or extra lives. Once your dead your dead

That I know of and hence why I also wrote that it should be. I managed to beat Advanced Solo the first time with a Galilea with one death. Would I do it again, I could probably do it without a death. But I haven’t attempted a hardcore solo before, does it spawn more mobs than advanced?

I don’t really see much difference between advanced and advanced hardcore in five man so I suppose there shouldn’t be any difference either whether you solo it or not.

It has the same spawn ratio as regular advanced. It just takes away the respawns so if you can solo no death advanced then just do the same when you go hardcore for no issues :acmaffirmative:

…One thing to note, no matter how many times I’ve done Helio the minion spawns are never the same.
I’ve gone in and had Thrawl minions, evolved and Boss, everywhere, Deande solo got overwhelmed.
(And I’m a Master of Deande maxed. Very good with Thorn also but I find it easier with Deande.)
Point being, at times it’s best to exit that final stage and do it again because it can get very rough on any mode.

I personally have not had the issue of unpredictable minion spawns

I am horrible at the game and I can do advanced heliophage consistently with Thorn. Thorn is like the epitome of “do everything to them while nothing happens to you” archetype.
Now, I didn’t do hardcore as I usually don’t do hardcore in games in general. I do die, but doesn’t have to happen. But that said ALL my deaths were fumbles on my side. Like, being pushed or not engaging when I should have kited etc.

In my limited experience, Thorn is like seven notches above any other hero for literally every mission in the game (I might be hilariously wrong here, but just my two cents:) ).

Although I might try campaign with melee characters, I’ve seen people have success with that, though I don’t know how you defend stuff and not be overwhelmed. probably that will get clearer if I actually select a melee for a mission:)
I did do the first mission with Galilea and I died like five times because ISIC would constantly insta-gib me into the ceiling while I was flailing my sword floating 20 yards from him.

I tried solo advanced heliophage the other night with whiskey foxtrot. Was probably not a good one to do first attempt with but I prefer him over oscar Mike. I know the invisibility skill is probably superior for this mission. But my issue was just speed as opposed to deaths. I could not kill the enemies fast enough (at least without dying). I will try again later with attikus (tank build where be regenerated constantly) but am worried melee character may get overwhelmed at the end.