Hardcore Advanced Solo Is Very Unrewarding

I just solo-completed The Algorithm on Hardcore Advanced, expecting to have one episode down in my work towards Ghalt.

And you know what? I got sod-all.

In detail, I got a bronze medal for 60k points, and Common/Uncommon loot with one Rare loot item.

I felt like I spent half an hour–1 hour of work just to be flipped off by the devs.

Well, enough of me ranting and time for me to offer my solution to this: I feel that, like one person said before, the medal system should be seriously overhauled in favor of solo-ists. Secondly, Epic and Legendary drop rates should be increased when playing Hardcore and Advanced.

Okay. I’m done now. Bye. :wink:


Well…Took me over 70 minutes to do that on Helio, not sure I want to try and beat my solo time on that one.

I hear you loud & clear the whole time I’ve been doing advanced+hardcore solo runs since no one has this game on my friends list I want to say I may have gotten 4 legendaries out of the entire game I’ve played aside from the Heliophage since I get knocked off very frequently esp. right as the battle starts -_-