Hardcore Mode Nerf

Don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like the drop rate of gear has decreased significantly from how it was before. I was getting a lot more blues and even a couple purple gear here and there. Now all I see is whites and greens with even blues being rare.
This is hardcore Mode in normal btw, haven’t tested it on Advanced Hardcore

Check it out, a dude posted about drop rates in the forums after he data mined the PC version. Drop rates are standard for regular and advanced. However, advanced has a larger pool to draw from since you can get pieces from the advanced pool or normal. Try to run with a larger group(preferably people you know can do work) so that you get more rolls for loot. If one person gets a roll for the whole team to get loot and you have five people…you get it. I’ve run over 130 missions now. I have 23 legendaries. Last night me and a group of 5 did 3 missions on advanced hardcore and got 2 legendaries. I’m not sure if hardcore helps but we don’t usually wipe anyway.