Hardcore players complain too much about high drop rates rates

Hardcore borderlands players want to complain about high drop rates instead of how stupid easy the game is…

My biggest complaint about the other borderlands games was how unrewarding beating the tough bosses were. I want fun and challenging bosses with high reward not pathetic bosses with crap loot I have to grind 20+ times to get what I want

Devs should take notes from dark souls


Those who hate killavolt will hate you in return because of your request. Lol


first of all drop rates are way too high

secondly tvhm was always easy in every installment. let’s see if UVHM is hard like bl2 then we will be good, if it will be soft ■■■■ like pre sequel then we will start complaining about how easy the game is. it would be stupid to moan about how easy TVHM is when you are running over it with decked out loadouts.

I only knew who the bosses were in BL1 because they would be used in the expansion with Moxxi…

Now I only know who the bosses are because the health bar goes white and they gain immunity. The story bosses in this series have never been a challenge nor will they ever become one. What we need are raids and those are on the way. So in the meantime… Rare loot drops too frequently if you ask me. I’d rather the rate be lowered and bosses assigned specific pools.


I’m fine with the drop rates. I can’t afford to spend 12 hours on a boss just to get one or zero legendary pieces of gear. I have other things to do in life.


To be fair though if your on mayhem 3 this could never happen, if you spent 12 hours farming any boss on mh3 your only question would be WTF am i supposed to do with all this??? Oh its ok at least the game as a good banking system! ohhh errr hang on oops!!!

First off it is not hardcore players saying drop rate too high. It is kids trying to sound like they hardcore that derive their knowledge from youtube not from actually playing. Second high drops wouldn’t be a problem if there was actual random to items instead of 3 or 4 variations of each. And difficulty is too easy because there is 0 difference between normal and tvhm and no difference on your personal difficulty setting. Mayhams a joke you go straight from finishing story to mayham 3 no progression like OP levels were and you dont get better items in MH levels either just more.
We actually could use more content like slaughter shaft rewarding and moderately challenging and is farming that isn’t staring at a load screen boss farming. I disagree with the dark souls comment dark souls was fake difficulty that was only difficult because itemization was bland and boring. Not saying it was a bad game but apples and oranges borderlands should have crazy OP fun item but also have crazy OP bosses/content. Doubt 1 in 1000 people in bl2 got to OP 8 legit.

Interesting claim, how did you come to that conclusion? Cause the way I figure drop rate is to high is from having more orange than any other color item on any of my characters and the bank combined.

And maybe it’s just me but op levels in bl2 is hardly a good measure of op bosses/content… Although it’s the only thing relatable to the borderlands series I suppose.

there are way more legendaries, and most of them are world drops. So the drop rate needs to be high. If you need a gun that drops rarely, but you want the correct element and annointed stat, you would never get it with BL2 drop rates.


I remember the days playing a mmo where you could have a .025% chance to get a drop from a monster that only spawned once every 72 hours from the time of death PER SERVER - so if someone beat you to it you were just sol for another 72 hours.

It’s raining legendaries in this game, there will be no longevity if it continues. If your build is so dependent on the exact anointed stat then you should consider changing your play style… Anointments are worth maybe 1% of my time in this game - cool but worthless


this is not an MMO. This is Borderlands. in all the other Borderlands, even though the drop rates were lower, we knew we could farm a boss for it(I wanted those heads Bunker, please drop them, its been 2 weeks). now, since all of it is world drops, there is no set place we can farm. I’ve probably killed Graveward a couple hundred times, and I still have not gotten half of the legendaries. I mostly get the same ones.

RNG will be RNG… Problem is you expect to have everything you want and the game is barely a month old. Clear sign of the drop rates being too high.

They should definitely assign pools to the bosses so you can strive for your objective - but that doesn’t excuse the fact there’s too many legendaries floating around

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Im not expecting everything. Im looking at the hypothetical.
say you are a FL4K, looking for a annointed flood that gives you more accuracy, an annointed shield that gives you a nova when you exit fade away, a class mod that gives you a bonus to jacobs damage, crit damage, and jacobs accuracy, a slide speed loaded dice with good stats, etc.

with a lower drop chance, it would take you seven years to get that from world drops with a lower drop chance. with the current rate, I can get those in a couple months.

The drop rates have to be this high since there is no set bosses. if they set bosses, then it is okay to lower them. But also, it is very satisfying to get a legendary from random enemies and from random chests.

yeah they need to lock down some legendaries though.


See that’s why a lot of the hardcore are praying each boss gets their own loot pool. If people can go farm the boss they want to get a decent chance at the item they want I bet most would accept a much much lower drop rate.


that can only be Final Fantasy xi surely??? I knew their was a reason I liked your comments.

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I’ve been found out! Lol I wish they’d release the mobile version already so I can have no life again…

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Hands down my fondest mmo memorys on that game, the fact nothing was doable solo made the community the tightest I have seeen in MMO to date. Combat was so structured everyone had their part loved it.

EDIT typo

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How many of those oranges you have less dmg/stats then a well rolled blue? Takes about 30 legendary drops to get a useful one then like 10 of those need to drop to be better then the one you have. Boss drops 5 legendary items they all woodblockers, red cord, tungenusta, ruby’s wrath, etc how much really dropped? And you only have more oranges because that’s what you choose to pick up. I wouldn’t mind super rare loot but only if it was powerful enough to warrant the rarity. And duping/cheating was fixed because making anything rarer atm only hurts legit players.
Alot of aspects of the game need balance in terms of loot for sure graveward shouldn’t be dropping 400 percent more the tyreen, troy, etc. Shouldn’t be ruuning a full slaughter star with 1 legendary drop either specially considering slaughter shaft runs drop 20 or more.
Doing story in tvhm on first play through i had 2 non guaranteed legendarys drop it wasn’t funner believe me. Loot needs more variety and randomness i don’t need 100 speedloadin hellwalkers with 533X10 dmg and the 75 crit annointed on it or 50 1502 casual flakkers.

And the Story! I wouldn’t want to face those drop rates again but get some of them writers over here lol

I remember fighting Ifrit and doing a solo skillchain for light, and it healed him arrgh… They could learn a lot from those boss encounters too.

Anyways I’ll stop going off topic now lol

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Yeah they mostly did some great expansions too except for (cough cough promethia) damn that was hard when it first dropped.

My group were the pioneers of our server so we were the first Link on our server to complete it without any pre info or guides.

Let me tell you that took some figuring out truly no hand holding in that game haha, but damn what a sense of achievement when we did it and could share our experience to help others.

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