Hardcore Spotlight Maps

If these are different PVE maps, they should be made available for normal difficulty.

Actually, they should have been made available for normal as soon as they were playable.

They… Are the same maps. No new maps. Just Hardcore difficulty.


Have… have you played them? Or looked at the description? Or read one of the posts her about them?

No, haven’t played them. Yes, looked at the description and read the posts; they didn’t mention the map. Thought they might differ from the other maps because they have different names. So the only difference is the combination of advanced and hardcore? Was hoping for something I haven’t done a thousand times . . .

Thanks for answering, I couldn’t find a mention of the map used when I searched the posts. Was hoping for something I haven’t done a bazillion times.

Breaking Character…

Try it with a character you’ve either never played or are really bad as.
Completely changes it.
For me at least.
Each hoard of enemies becomes a battle for survival, and you really have to be on your toes if you don’t know your character inside and out.

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I’ll go play as you

DISCLAIMER: Benedict is a black hole of sexiness. Once you’re pulled in, you may not be able to leave. Benedict is not responsible for addictive Benedict playing or any strange sexual feelings you may develop as a result of playing him. You may feel a strange uncontrollable attraction to hawks and eagles and other birds of prey… just keep in mind that these feelings are a perfectly natural side effect of playing as Benedict and you should not feel weird about exploring them. Now you may find like 4 hours have passed and all you’ve done is stare at Benedict’s character model in the command menu. This may tempt you to believe that you’ve wasted your life. NO… admiring ART is never a waste of time. Go ahead and stare. It’s ok… it’s oooookkk…


They tell me to be more descrptive. I’ve been descriptive enough


They pick a particular planet for each Hardcore Spotlight weekend, and then the choices are the maps for that planet. So Ekunnar = Archive, Sentinel, and Experiment. Tempest = Saboteur, Heliophage, and ??? Anyway, you get the idea.

Bliss = Algorithm, Renegade, and Void’s Edge.

…Oh man, not again. Room full of advanced Ronin on HC.

Come on, you know you like it. :dukejk:

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As with most things, solo these guys are a joke even with a melee. With a group of five… instant team wipe as per the us