Hardest Digistruct runs, stages, etc and class/build comments

As of the time of this post… OP7: Axton, OP6: Maya, OP5: Salvador, and duo coop to OP2: Zero, and have done reruns with Maya to help my daughter get her Gage up to OP6.

I’ve noticed that there are runs or specific areas which are very easy with certain classes or builds, where others have a tougher time. For example, even with Grog + Harold and 26/26/15 Sal, it took me 4 tries to complete the OP4 -> OP5 run, but I had a shockingly easy time getting through that one as 26/15/26 Axton.

In fact, I’ve had a very, very easy time soloing Digistruct with Axton, until getting to OP7. I’ve tried the run 5 times, so far, and I know I can get through, but… I’m used to getting through on my first try, excepting times where I’ve screwed around with Legendary Ranger/no turret attempts on reruns at OP4 and OP5.

My 5 attempts at OP7 -> OP8, so far:

  1. dominated until Assassins, died there. Absolutely wrecked Dukino’s Mom on this one.
  2. Duki’s mom jumped on top of the rock and shock balled me to death.
  3. see number 2.
  4. see number 1.
  5. see number 1.

So… where did YOU all cruise, where did you falter, and what were you running? What have your experiences been like?

I dragged nine characters to OP8. I tried to use their respective allegiance builds, but they all failed some way through (as a combination of the gear quirks, character quirks, or my inability to use them right).
Torgue with Axton and Tediore with Maya, for example, got to like OP5 before I had to ditch allegiance.
Hyperion (Maya), Bandit (Gaige), Maliwan (Gaige), Vladof (Zer0) got to between OP3 and OP4.
Dahl (Axton) and Jakobs (Zer0) struggled past OP1.

Once they stalled out on their own gear, I’d share their best to get by: Pimpernel, DPUH, Bee, Grog Nozzle, Sandhawk… all the “best” (or “cheap”, depending on your point of view) stuff, but dang if it wasn’t effective. Still, it was brutal. Totally worth it though (especially looking back while sitting in the comfy chair of my retirement play on Pandora, where I leave BAR on and use the OP system to calibrate the game at my whim).

The assassin chokepoint at the Colosseum of Laceration was usually the deal breaker for me if anything on the map was. There’s a wave (I forget which level) where the Surveyors fly in and out of the shielded Colosseum. This only gives you a very brief moment to kill them, since once they fly back out beyond the shield, they were protected from attacks and restoring their health. Sometimes I’d manage to clear everything else out, but just could not catch those Surveyors with enough damage in that brief window for the kill.

The final boss? There’s infinite cover (around the little building), and he is easy to hit. I mean, if you’re going to facetank him, that’s another story, but after the slog through the rest of the peak, the final boss was a relief.

Thank you for the response. I enjoyed reading it.

I haven’t tried any allegiance builds, yet. I do occasionally try different things for fun on reruns of stages that I’ve already cleared. Legendary Ranger + no turret attempts with Axton, Hammer Buster + Assault Rifle damage relic with Maya, etc. As you’d expect, they can be pretty brutal.

The comments about the final boss ring true.

A mania/bloodlust Krieg specced into 10/5 StV without a Maya. Unless you’re throwing your axes, you’re just asking for trouble.

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that at every level, it’s like they randomly go into complete troll mode. I guess their AI just forgets what it’s supposed to be doing, which is clearly the case in the many spots elsewhere on the Peak where they just glitch into a wall.
I don’t like Snorefleets, but when the game gets cheap I have no compunctions about doing the same.

Not sure if it counts, but co-oping we used to run raids, LLM/tubby runs, etc., then go to the peak for fun at op8. Well, we definitely fought Hyperius, then went there without resetting. I don’t know why it took so long to realize, but everything was ridiculously hard to kill and it wasn’t until we got 4 Saturns that I realized what we just did to ourselves. Still came out on top though, I was Killer Zer0 and they were Cat Maya. Lethal combination when communicating properly.

I may be a rarity. I’ve never died to surveyors, or had any trouble with them as Axton, Zero, or Maya. They’re obnoxious as Salvador, but only for ammo consumption reasons. As good as many weapons are against them, even choices like the Pimpernel have taken a back seat to the Hornet when it comes to taking down surveyors. That thing destroys them.

Krieg with MM and shock/corrosive Butchers is the way I went to handle them with him. Maya PL them and everyone else just tossed MM into their flight path and then hit them with a DPUH- a bit easier to use than the Flakker and certainly effective. When they glitch just before the final boss fight into the tunnel beneath the platform where Tannis stands I can sometimes dislodge them with a Chain Lightning, Homing Stormfront or Storm…