Hardest Question Ever : what's your ONE favorite weapon?

I know its tough as hell to answer and limit to just one , but if there is ONE gun that you cant live without and always have on you weapon wheel , what would it be ?

For me it’s the Shreddifier . Damn do I love that gun. It was my favorite main weapon in BL2 as well but the version is BL3 just blows it away . I love that thing especially with Moze and her ammo regen in crit skill Redistribution and Lead Cloud skill . Its considerably less useful on other Vault hunters though due to eating thru ammo so quickly and constant reloads.

My most trusty version is a double barrel one which just shreds enemies at close range . But for the DLC I’m maining a nifty corrosive version which tears Loaders apart . I have a cryo version that I gave to zane .

Not sure which is more useful the tripod version or the double barrel version

What about you ? Your favorite weapon?


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