Hardware support: collectors edition Mothership model does not light up

It looks like the delicate pins inside the support pylon came pre-scrunched. Mine does not light up.

How to rectify?

I am having the same problem. Love the model but it does not light up at all.

Is there any recourse to rectify this?


Mine as well will not light up. I have tried several different ports. I can not measure to see if power is getting to the ship as my meter probes are much to large and I am without a wire to stick in the + terminal.

I cleaned the contacts with Isopropyl alcohol and allowed 10 minute dry time and it worked well for me.

Sorry if this is a statement of the obvious for some of you, but do unplug and replug the post into the stand and the mothership several times and make SURE both are pushed all the way home.

I had this problem too but after a couple of goes all was good. I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure what was wrong but I think it is easy to mount the mothership on the post without the post being pushed all the way and I assume this means the metal connection inside is not being made.

We have a special support line in place for physical product issues:

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Was very careful. There is just no power pin in the support pylon on mine. Or it is scrunched way down there.

Plugging in a thing should not be this problematic.

It is scrunched way down. I’m actually not sure which end it is in. Someone else solved his problem when he found he didn’t really have the support rod pushed fully home: Pride of Hiigara Model

I originally thought mine was scrunched as well… but I can confirm that the rubbing alcohol cleaning and waiting 10-20 minutes worked for me.