Harmageddon needs a buff

For all the trouble its, what, a 25% boost max?

Would be a fun playstyle to work with, if it was worth it. Right now it’s just a bonus.

What trouble? It’s really good balanced perk, we don’t need another overtune bonus.
And iirc it’s up to 20%, cryo doesn’t count.


From what I could gather online it’s actually just 5% added solely to the elemental damage itself, is that true? So for the trouble of sticking all the different elements on a single foe, only the DoTs gain a minimal damage boost? I have to agree for a 100p perk I find that severely lackluster.

But to be honest I find all the 100 ones disappointing, especially the slam one you get at what 125? Which is just another lazy workaround for the fact that slam in this game is utterly pointless and this one is only used to spam artifacts effects anyway.

Also why shouldn’t cryo count? That would be very strange, to have it exluded.

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You haven’t purchased the 4th skill tree from GBX that adds cryo yet. :wink:

Harmageddon is a debuff for all damage. Whether it adds to piss, execute, and eruption or is a separate category I don’t remember, but it is a universal debuff (I know for a fact it buffs FL4K’s pet damage and melee).

Yes as far as I knew, Harmageddon is a general all damage debuff (so … multiplicative?) making it very strong - like a mini kunai. Not sure if it applies to your coop allies.

I would argue nothing in guardian perks needs a buff - they already provide abilities we usually see in skill trees and further homogenise the classes imo.

Thanks for the answers, very weird that the general consensus elswhere is that it functions the way I described.

While I’m at it could you also detail how C-c-combo is actually functioning, I see so many conflicting statements on it online.

Sorry for the hijak :smile:

It’s a V1 bonus, so multiplicative for most characters and set ups.

No it doesn’t need a buff. We already have enough bustes things in this game.

I’d rather not have another Guardian perk that carries every character because of how busted it is