Harvest addability question

I’ve made a new resource collector, and I’m trying to make it so that when it comes to harvest asteroids, it gets further away (as it’s a fairly long ship, and by default sits with it’s nose right up to the asteroid, which looks a bit silly and doesn’t fit with the effect I’ve made for it.)

I’ve looked at the older documentation, and it says for the harvest ability the fourth variable is:

<fHarvestRadius>: the distance from the resource object that the ship will hover while harvesting.

Now, I’ve increased this, but every time it goes to the asteroid and sits nose right up against it. At the moment I’ve got it at 55000, which is silly but should demonstate it works. But it doesn’t.

Has this been broken or did it ever even work in the first place? If not, what would you recommend I do with my ship, other than move the ship backwards, and have it look funny when it turns and that?

How far it harvests from is determined by the latch point in the hod.

That’s… disappointing, but not unexpected. I’ll work something out then.

I’ve noticed that my resourcers crash into the largest asteroid in the asteroid patches and explode. Quite annoying