Harvesters can no longer jump

This one has been driving me bat-■■■■ crazy, it messes up all my quick-relocation strategies. Can you guys please put this back in?


I believe this was intentional.

Guess it would be nice if they could dock (edit:into res controllers), eh?

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HW1 and HW2 harvesters can now dock into a carrier (or stay docked when built) and be jumped with the carrier.

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Apparantly I have to be more descriptive before I post that. Why was there a decision to change that aspect of the gameplay? I would like to hear a justification for such a large change.

Here’s an example of how re-establishing this Homeworld 1 tradition would benefit Homeworld 1 races in multiplayer:

It would give Taiidan and Kushan a benefit in the early resource game. Get a controller and a collector, jump to random resource points on the map. Everyone else has to transit through normal space. This would offset the late game advantage held by the Homeworld 2 races, by giving the Homeworld 1 races a good early-game tactic, and would position them more towards resource dominance than Homeworld 2’s rock paper scissors tactics.

But not docked to a resource controller, no? I think it only holds fighters and corvs.

I actually think it is quite a waste to jump resource collectors. You’d generally be better off building new ones. It’s so expensive.
Now if you dock them, that’s a single jump. Much cheaper.

I agree it’s annoying that they can’t jump anymore yes you can dock them. But seeing how the docking works for some ships you waste important time in doing so. took approx. 2 minutes once in a RM game till 5 of them were actually docked and then jumping away.

Yes it costs jumping them around but usually you had that plus additional cash back in - in notime.
At least in original hw1 mp gaming it used to be beneficial having a res flow income edge over the others.

Sending collectors to transit through normal space also takes too long. It’s a time vs. resource income thing.

No it’s not, because depending on the positioning of the resource patch, you could be forcing yourself into a strategically weak position because you need to use your carrier just to haul some collectors across the map. No, that doesn’t make sense either.