Has any 5 player team beaten the Saboteur on Advanced?

Just out of curiousity…am asking the title of this thread.

I have beaten it twice…Gold, but ONLY at 3 - player

Last night I played with an excellent random team…all at high levels…and we got smoked midway through the first wave in the last part. Totally overwhelmed and it was the small guys slipping in doing all the damage. We just couldn’t account for all the enemies as the heavier duty enemies were taking too long to dispatch. One fellow commented that he was 0-21 on this mission in 5-player

I also play regularly with friends who are all quite good and we get smoked at basically the same time as I did last night. Last part, mid way through first wave. We have made several tries…like 7-8.

Because it is the last part of that mission…all gear and Helix skills are activated so our damage potential and survivability potential is at it’s very BEST. Plus all traps and turrets were built…PLUS we all had bots in support.

I am an OP8 veteran from BL2 so I understand how the difficulty level may feel way too high right now…when 6 months from now, the same mission feels hard…but totally achieveable.

But this one feels different to me…5-Player seems just out of whack.

If you have done it on advanced as a 5 member team let me know your combo…and any special tactics.

I may submit a ticket to GB asking them to take a look at how that fight scales in 5-Player…but I want to see some other opinions first.

Not me. I think it’s even tougher than The Heliophage.

Done this a few times with 5 man randoms.

The hard part seems to be the last defense objective. The rest of the mission feels like a breeze.

Characters I’ve noticed seem to excel in defending that last objective atleast to me were as follows

Toby - He can shield the back side of the objective while dealing with the front
Caldarius - Highly mobile. AoE blind seems quite effective in trying to keep the hordes away from the objective while they get thinned out.
Reyna - Eat shields of some of the more troublesome enemies, keep allies alive with overshields and a bubble.
Orendi - High mobility, high AoE damage output.
ISIC - That last objective just seems made for his ult. Pop guns out and just lay waste to everything.


How tough am I?! I once beat the saboteur on advanced with 5 people. Without any milk… True story.


I know it’s a hard mission, but I wasn’t aware it was that hard. Personally, I’ve completed it at least three times with a gold while in a random 5-man team. Maybe you’re getting unlucky with randoms?

If you really want to beat it, having a good Isic on your team practically ensures nothing gets close to the objective, and he can pile on some damage to large targets. Caldarius makes it easy for everyone to get critical hits with his blinds. Alani is crazy good at keeping people alive considering you almost never run out of targets. OM is perfect for reviving and clearing large waves of small varelsi. A fifth person to round out your team could be Rath or Galilea to clear away anything in between.

Edit: Also, make sure that you build two flash traps nearest the objective and make two thumper turrets on both sides of the stage. Everything else can be whatever you think you need.

Nope, no randoms. We went OM (John), Montana (me), Alani, Galilea, and Shayne and Aurox I think. I may switch over to ISIC for that fight instead because Monty just can’t dish out enough pain without his gun overheating. :frowning:

This may be one of the only missions Montana isn’t as good in because of how close-quarters everything is in the last section.

Edit: Isic is a monster on every mission. You can never go wrong with Isic… unless you’re terrible with him.

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Good answers…thanks.

Which leads me to believe…it’s hard…but not THAT hard at 5-player with the right combo.

I just did it again 3-player…Gold…Oscar Mike, Alani, Attikus and it was a random team.

I like the Isic suggestion…

And the Toby/Reyna shield suggestion is clever.

I’ve beaten it on Advanced with a 5 man team before. It is possible with the right team composition and good teamwork. That being said it does need to be reworked. The developers are well aware of it and are looking into possible fixes. The increased the health of the objectives as a short-term fix until they can resolve the other issues with the level. I know they are working on it because I’ve played the level with the Creative Director of Battleborn during the Early Access Preview (we didn’t beat it by the way). During our discussion he mentioned a few of the things that were wrong with the level as it was and a few possible solutions. So just know it’s on the To Do list.

Edit: Well, my memory has gone and done it again and mixed up a few details on me. The Saboteur wasn’t even available during the Early Access Preview and so I must have played with Jythri after the game’s release. The heat today has my brain all jumbled up.

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That does make sense because he’s better at ranged than in-your-face unless he’s shooting a large target, like Kleese or a mini-boss.

I won’t say I’m great with him, but I do have him at level 15 and am working on the mining report of his lore. If those damned minions weren’t so hard to kill, I’d already have it. :dukerage:

But, as John said, thanks for the feed-back. We’ll definitely have to change our party makeup and strategy. Maybe this’ll get that old soldier to try out someone else besides Oscar Mike. Nah, he’s too set in his ways. :dukecheese:

True dat…

My wife says to me all the time…

“You may be old…but you’re slow”

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Almost everytime I’ve beaten this level on Advanced I’ve been playing Montana. One of the times I beat it while playing another character I was playing Kleese. Kleese is a really good pick for this level. I can’t remember who else I picked when I beat it.

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Sometimes slow is good, but you really need to branch out a bit, John. :dukejk:

Try farming them on the first section of the algorithm :wink: super easy

I’ve only done it twice. I’ve tried many more times though lol.

I split screened with my husband but the other 3 were randoms both times. It was difficult but not as hard as it has been after that…

Every team we’ve had since then there’s always someone rushing forward before we have our defenses up around the cores or they’re causing enemies to spawn and getting themselves killed so we end up having to rescue them or they respawn. When we get to the third defense core is when it just gets unbelievable. HelioPhage unbelievable lol. Some people step out of place and it only takes one little Scaven to take down the entire core in like 3 seconds.

I’ve had more losses on that third core than to the conservator before Rendain on advance.

Just did it with kleese, 2 isic, thorn, alani…barely

I want to say yes, but at the last part someone quit because of a dispute (he was playing galilea and he kept asking reyna for heals and our reyna kept saying “Then come over here, I can’t hit you well with this from here” then he said “Your a healer, heal me” and reyna said “I’ll try, but your gonna die a lot more because I won’t hit you every time.” and then the galilea left.

We 4 manned it extremely easily though so i think we would’ve been fine with 5. I know its possible, honestly i don’t find the mission that hard.

Yes, but only since the increase to defense point health. Before then, it was virtually impossible. I play in a premade almost all the time, it’s all about composition. You need a LOT of wave clear. Kleese, Thorn, OM, Orendi, Reyna. Try that combination :wink:

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As far as I can remember I’ve only beaten it once before they buffed the core’s/objective’s health.

Yes, lots, easy.