Has anybody actually seen Fantastic Voyage?

I haven’t seen it. I downloaded it but…I think I might be too lazy to actually watch it…I’ll just accept that there are some jokes in the DLC that I won’t understand…

Thanks for reminding me that this was a thing. It’s on netflix so I’m going to check it out!

I’ve seen it several times but none of them in the last decade, I seem to remember loving it as a kid though.

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Also saw it as a kid. Is there a reference to a chess game anywhere?

Saw it as a kid at the theater, when it first came out. I remember it well.

I just watched it. being a child of the 90s I was overstimulated from the get-go so I find this movie to be quite slow. Being a microbiologist I find some of their amazement charming. Overall it’s a pretty good movie, but not my style.

Yeah, it’s definitely a film of its era - the polite would call the pacing “deliberate”; I call it “ponderous”. It’s not the worst example for that by any means, though.