Has anybody else found a unique cov rocket launcher from hot carl?

while leveling my moze in pt1 i stopped to farm for a sledges shotgun but after about 30 runs i got a unique rocket launcher called “Hot Drop” it was the same weapon i see him use. it uses the its poop skin and shoots a single projectile that splits into 3 more and cover the ground in fire for a short time. after out leveling it i stuck it in my bank for future saves (used it for like 10lvls). sadly suffered from the bank glitch and lost all my items including the unique in question. im now farming for a lvl 50 but i cant get it, its driving me nuts. i killed him well over 500 times on m3 and still no drop. i then searched to see if anyone else had trouble getting it but it seems like nobody even knows this exists. i cant stop farming for it, its busted lol im losin my mind here…

ok… starting to get a bit triggered with this drop, i have spent hours killin this dude and i get nothin. i cant even show a screenshot of the unique i had because the game decided i didnt need all the items i farmed for since launch fml. i wouldnt even care if i didnt know about it but i had it at lvl 33… i used it… its amazing… it f***s s*** up and i need it again… my moze needs it again… i really hope this isnt bugged drop like some in bl2 were before they got fixed (infinity+cobra). i gotta take a break from this for a bit.

I’m on the same page hundred of kills and no hot drop… Tried all mayhem modes on tvhm and normal mode.
Nobody knows this gun exists
Did you get one by now?

late on gettin to this one, yeah, it’s a glitched drop.

What do you mean by glitched drop? Where did you get the information?

There are currently 2-3 guns that cannot drop due to a glitch. The hot drop may have become another one due patchbox’s constant gear updates. :yum:

sorry took a bit to get back to you, according to the site’s ive check no one’s found one ever, fandom, lootlemon, these forums. the only way anyone has gotten it is on pc with cheating.

edit, the files for this gun are in the game’s files, though, so it “should” exist in the game, it simply doesn’t ever drop tho.

I had one drop in about 60 kills. No exploits or anything. But that was about a month ago or so.

really? do you have a picture of it? and what system do you play on?

To be honest I might’ve had more of them drop.Only reason i picked it up was because as I was running past it I noticed the red text and stopped to pick it up. After that kill I was keeping an eye for a blue launcher, but didnt see it drop anymore.
EDIT : I play on PC

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wow, that’s neat, no one in the xbox side has seemed to pull one as far as forum talk goes, so at least it’s not a completely broken drop.

I haven’t had a drop in more than 1500 hundred kills on ps4. Is the only gun I don’t have in my armory :unamused:

I currently also farm Hot Karl and didn’t get it to drop yet. I have a theory though.
Hot Karl does not use the rocket launcher before he throws away his shield. Before that, he uses a torch as a weapon. He also seems to not throw away his shield before he is low on health (maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of his health left). Maybe he has to throw away his shield to pull out his launcher before he can drop it. Hear ya’ later, will keep an eye out.
Edit: After two more hours of farming I got no Hot Drop. Maybe it is just a really rare drop.

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Tried always to wait till he takes the launcher out though sometimes he bugs out when you damage him to much. Then the launcher animation plays but he has nothing in his hands and no rockets fly. Anyways no drops after thousands of kills…

Get his health down, until he pulls out rocket launcher but don’t let him shoot it. i just received it. its blue not gold. PS4

Nope, it’s not glitched. Just stupidly rare.

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