Has anybody gotten regular boss Terror drops since the patch?

The 11/07 patch decreased the rate of terror anoints outside of Heck (and seemingly decreased the total anointment rate, but that’s another topic). Great for folks who didn’t care about Terror gear, less so for those of us farming Terror anoints on world drops. I was hoping to get the Smartgun XXL (Gigamind unique) with Terror, but apparently have missed my opportunity, as terror anoints are now effectively null outside of Heck.

Could they have not just made the event a toggle? Or given us a notice? Or I dunno, waited the extra couple of weeks for the event to be over? Totally not salty :dukecry: :salt:


I’ve actually gotten a handful of terror anoints from Gigamind since the patch update, but none on legendaries. Have you ensured the hotfix was applied first?

I’ve also gotten a handful on graveward but again not on legendaries - the rate did change drastically.

Yeah, I was personally not really happy about this myself, as I was trying to farm for boss specific legendaries with Terror anoints. The drop rates were bad enough as is, but now it’s almost impossible to get an item you want.

Quite sure. I wait for the splash screen, so I know the game is fully loaded.

Thought perhaps I’d been spoiled, or otherwise had tunnel vision, but the anoint rate is definitely back to the levels from before the weekly event was made permanent.

Yeah, for sure. This is very noticeable. I’d also say bosses like Gigamind and Graveward don’t drop as many legendaries as they did before that patch either.

I did a bunch of graveward farming last night i I was getting quite a bit of legendaries in general. Counting skins I had quite a few runs with 4 legendary drops from one kill. A few decent annointments also, but I have noticed the terror chance annointments have dropped off a lot.

Could be I’m having bad luck, but I did some testing before and after the patch. Did about 250 GW runs before with luck and 250 without and the same after the patch and the average amount of drops was considerably less in both cases. I may have to do some more testing with online/offline farming. Maybe I’m just having bad luck overall.

I thought about farming some Bands of Sitorak, but it was too late. Also, I’m sad that they removed most Terror annointments from vending machines. I tried farming SS and Heck, but I only bothered picking up 1 annointed grenade. Although, I did get some Fearmonger’s and Stalker’s.

As for Terror annointed world drop legendaries, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Like earlier posts, I’ve only seen Terror annointed purples, but I don’t remember seeing any Terror annointed legendaries.

They are a lot more rare but I have found a lot on guns. I have some shields with terror annointments also but don’t think I’ve found any legendary grenades with terror annointments. I have a recharger and transformer I switch between for my phase grasp amara that sends skulls out when phasegrasping. Not god tier but any bit helps. I do farm a lot though and by a lot I mean 3-7 hour sessions non stop boss killing. Takes about 30 seconds a kill so I see a lot of loot. I have two TVs mounted on top of each other so I mainly watch tv while I play and mute the game so farming isn’t so boring.

Wow. That’s dedication. Yeah, I haven’t seen any terror annointed legendary grenades either. That phasegrasp annointment feels awful. I paired it with another phasegrasp annointment, the one that creates novas. It was pretty bad.

I get a ton of terror drops… also, since they “fixed” the Halloween drops I have been getting a million terror shields and fearmongers. That’s almost all I see in the circle of slaughter now. I would really like it to be a bit more varied.

But, yes… many, many terror affixes on gear also.

Common misconception there. The ‘terror skulls on phasegrab’ only works if you have active terror effect. If you don’t, it does nothing at all. But if you do, it’s very powerful.

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Really? It makes sense now. I assumed the effect would take place after the first phasegrasp. So the second one should have an effect when using a Terror every 5 sec annointment. I’ll try it out again. Thanks.

Yah. That’s also why Facepuncher with melee terror is the hottest combo in the game right now.

This is exactly why companies like gearbox can’t do right for doing wrong. But they are learning when it comes to live events