Has anybody noticed Claptrap missing from the main menu?

Claptrap has been missing from the main menu for months, I don’t remember the exact time he disappeared but I think it might go back to last december, an entire year ago.

For those who don’t know, Claptrap used to scuttle behind your character model inside the main menu, just like he does in Borderlands 2, and another claptrap does in TPS.

He had an animation in which he would flee from some rakks, one where he clumsily climbed on a pole, one in which he had a giant Tediore shotgun on his head etc.

My favorite was the one where he would do a little dance show with three other claptrap shells, connected to him with stakes just like some street performers.

Even better, he actually had unique animations when the menu got overhauled for the Bloody Harvest: he would flee from badass ghosts or dress up as a pumpkin.

I know it’s a minor thing, but Claptrap messing around the main menu has been a thing since the very first game. And it’s probably only gone due to an unnoticed bug. Borderlands 3’s main menu is already pretty boring considering you can’t change the view by rotating around your character.

Please, bring Clappy bacc :heart:


Certainly not that early, but yes, seems to be MIA now.
I’m very aware of Clappy in the title screen since my cat runs up to the screen when I boot BL3 (and 1, for that matter) waiting for Clappy to appear so he can attack the screen.
I think he may be hiding behind the cars on the right of the screen, if you look closely at the 2nd screenshot you’ll seee the top of what I think is a mohawk, I think that’s Clappy back there, stuck.
2nd pic is cat attacking Clappy in BL1…


I’m pretty sure he was gone at least when Revenge of the Cartels rolled out, since I recall him not appearing at that time…
I initially thought of december because I can’t remember seeing him with the Mercenary Day menu active, but that could really well just be me misremembering that.

I don’t know about the mohawk, it kinda looks like a plant to me? Besides, I’m not sure he ever wears it in BL3.

Also, your cat is wonderful :heart_eyes:

Pretty cat you’ve got there. :cat: :bldancing: :cat2:

I think he has a higher gamerscore than many people. And I have to be careful not to leave the title screen up when I leave the room or he’ll batter the tv until he gets tired.

And I just verified no title screen Clappy on Xbox, PS4, and Epic.

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Two of 'em. Here they are helping in BL2 on the upstairs PS4.


Playing on ps4, I’ve seen him recently (past week or so), at least. He did the thing where he has 4 dead claptrap bodies on poles attached to him, so he can dance with them.
In general though, I’ve not seen him anywhere near as much as in the past, for a while, you’re right. Guess maybe gearbox tried to reduce how often he appears as part of one of the patches that re-optimised the game to make it run better. He should still pop up occasionally, though. I’m with you and like seeing him fooling around.

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Hhmm, I’ll have to check more thoroughly then, I was under the impression that he wouldn’t appear at all! I’ll post what I find out soon.

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I saw Claptrap recently - with a dead skag wrapped around his shoulders. Don’t remember if it was Epic or Xbox.

I think he appears after a bit of waiting (same as VHs voice lines if you leave them standing idle for a bit), so if you jump straight into the game on these screens, you are less likely to see him.

Also, there are two starting screens - not sure if he’s inhabiting only the second one.

You mean the one with the logo and the one facing your idle character?

No, the one that says “Play” and the one with “Continue/New Game” - they do look the same, though…

Also - just checked both Epic an Xbox - and could not see a single Claptrap, just festive decorations and hexagonal gear-like snowlfakes :wink: .

Perhaps you are right and they were disabled recently with whatever event we have now.


I do believe Claptrap is gone from the title screen for the time being with the holiday co-op event, but he was there all the way up until that time.


My memory claims that he was also absent during the Haunted Halloween event - basically, any time there’s a different background animation on the menu screen.


I might try to check out if he shows up in offline mode, with the Mercenary Day Menu deactivated…

I’m not so sure about that, multiple people have confirmed that he’s been missing before too.

But, as I said in the OP, he was definitely there during the 2019 Bloody Harvest, I don’t see why they didn’t have him there this year.

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Okay, sorry for double posting, but thanks to you I finally figured it out.

As some have said, Claptrap still appears on the default main menu (I kinda feel like it’s a bit less frequent than before, but I might be biased), but not on the special event menus, like the Mercenary Day one or the Revenge of the Cartels one.
Strangely enough, he did show up (with unique animations at that!) in the 2019 Bloody Harvest menu, but they seemed to have removed him in the 2020 BH version.

Soo apparently I was wrong on the part about him always missing, but I still wish that he would receive unique menu animations during events.

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And now that the holiday lights are down from the start screen Clappy is back to making his periodic jaunts across the screen.