Has anybody noticed Pendles is classified as Eldrid?

Not sure if this is just an Xbox thing, but for me, In the Command screen, where the Battleborn portraits are lined up, Pendles’ portrait color is the Eldrid tan. Likewise, after winnings game with him I got a title for “win X number of games with an Eldrid”. Anything about addressing this?

That snek is so sneky he’s even sneked his way into another faction!


Well he did come from alanis planet (which is more of just body of water than planet)

Yes, which leads me to believe that that association is the reason for the mess-up.

You know he should get his own faction, Executive Executions

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Oh wow! I thought it was just the background mistake! This seems like a small coding error. There are a few threads about this but none mention that he’s classified as an Eldrid for titles and such, good observation. He does give rogue loot packs though. Ironically, he actually gives a Rogue commander pack. A glitch.

So you’re telling me I should level him up quickly lol. Interesting about the loot packs. Good catch :wink:

I noticed the same thing. He works for the Rogues, but is part of the Eldrid species as a whole. So, it’s like they went a little too quick, heh. He is technically Eldrid, but his background should be the Rogue’s since he works for them. Hopefully the fix that with the next update, heh heh.

You know I wish he had a lore piece that went into his contract with the rogues/battleborn

Yeah, get him to ten for a free skin

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It was already reported in the Battleplan thread of his launch. But strange that it isn’t fixed yet, as it really looks like a minor bug and easy to fix… but who know

It is laughable bad that he was placed into the Eldrid faction when every single aspect of his nature just SCREAMS “Rogue” (I mean, he even PLAYS like a stereotypical ROGUE CLASS lmfao).


  • He has a shield
  • He doesn’t get passive health regeneration
  • He’s an immoral contract killer (whereas the Eldrid are the morally upstanding faction)

So they couldn’t have possibly chosen a WORSE faction to accidentally place him into! XD

He’s part of the Rogue faction. The background is just bugged and displaying the wrong faction colors. It’s going to be fixed soon enough.

Well yeah, we know that - we’re just discussing the bug and how silly it is that he’s shown as an Eldrid. XD