Has anybody succeeded in creating a Phaseslam melee build?

Ties That Bind seems extremely tempting still but I’d love to see Phaseslam putting in the work with melee. I’m hoping an ASA Frozen Heart drops for me at some point and then I can freeze my enemies for the bonus melee damage while keeping my shield up so Topped Up regens my Slam for the next strike. I then take Illuminated Fist in the red tree and go with full green and blue.

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Slam as in initial melee hit or slam special effect? all I tried is spark plug and ttb
it does riduculous damage now

The action skill slam.

Yeah this is basically what I’m running with a golden rule for 3 extra points in laid bare. I get big damage. My only complaint is, I want to run fracture but that doesn’t work with the on actionskill start trigger shield break and fill effects for frozen heart. Otherwise it’s a great build.

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Oh the Golden Rule, good idea! I’m pretty tempted by this build. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to farm the shield. I could see it going with an Unleash the Dragon and then you’d want melee, action skill damage and cooldown on the class mod.

With the new guardian rank, seems a good splash damage with melee build would be pretty cool. Wonder if a plaguebearer to keep damage bursts stacked every 5 seconds would help.
er… honestly?

I dunno what I’m talking about. I’m a Moze main who sometimes puts on Amara’s clothes when she’s out drinking with Zane.

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Did anyone try the stinger? the melee nova seems interesting.
eh… jab cross , stinger and phaseslam pretty nice effects I may be onto something

You had actually a nice idea:

phaseslam : splash dmg and action skill dmg
stinger nova: splash and melee
weapon with blade and 200 splash anoint
jab cross passive : rise action skill dmg after melee
laid bare
guardian perk : add even more dmg
so all blue tree , green tree and a phaserker com for cooldown

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This is my Brawler Amara build… I use a deathless for the 150/50 urad anoint, but it’s not necessary if you want to move some points into skills that help with health regen. I just don’t really see the need for health regen when I can complete the MTD without it. FFYL is a great tool to have in your pocket.