Has Anybody Tried the Face-Puncher on FL4K?

I do not have the necessary gear, but I was wondering if anybody tried using the Face-Puncher on them? There are multiple skills that make me wonder if they even work with this gun, like:

All My BFF’s… if you have a Knife Drain relic and start shooting enemies with your Face-Puncher, would that mean that your pets receive 150% of the damage you deal as healing, since you heal for 75% and the skill gives pets double healing?

Megavore… would this give your Face-Puncher shots a 20% chance to crit?

Fade Away… would this make your Face-Puncher shots guaranteed critical hits? ALSO, would this make the projectiles spawned by the Shooting Star shield crit, as well?

Dominance… would shooting an enemy dominate them?

Two F4ng… when this procs, would it only fire a single extra bullet in your spread of bullets, or would it double? (7 pellets from a Deep Dive Face-Puncher turns into 8 pellets, or 14?)


From what I heard shooting an enemy would dominate them and because it’s a shotgun each pellet has a chance to dominate any enemy within its path

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I can confirm that Dominance works with the Face-puncher. It feels a little inconsistent though, not sure if you have to hit with all of the pellets or something, or if the skill just doesn’t take right occasionally.