Has anyone actually found a legendary in vending machine?

100 hours and have not found one single legendary anything in any vending machine.

And I check every single one because I got them a lot in BL 2 and TPS.

I did. But I cant remember what it was. Long time ago

I haven’t but I do find the freaky flesh guns often enough.

Yes, a grenade mod. I can’t remember what it was, though.

Not since they nerfed the loot in a unilateral way. It can still happen apparently but it’s supposed to be exceptionally rare.

The thing is it’s not really necessary anyway. Everything can drop legendaries now and the game scales with you. Even when you’re levelling you can just port back to any boss you’ve already been to, spank it and get some more level appropriate gear.

I did once. I think it was the eridium one iirc. No screenshot to back it up so guess you will just have to trust the word of some rando on the internet.

Edit: so I misread the title thinking it said slot machine, not vending machine. Have yet to see a legendary in a vending machine.

I found a legendary pack of Funyuns in a vending machine once.

I haven’t yet, admittedly I dont always check.

Tbh i haven’t seen any epics worth my while either

a vending machine D: ? its good stuff if you farm it. but its serious rare. don’t camp that thing . its waste your time. seriously . good stuff is boost up by your guardian rank .