Has anyone been able to solo Slaughter shaft on M4?

Has anyone been able to solo Slaughter shaft on M4? I’m curious…I came so close I almost punched my computer screen when I died.

most amara mains are busy with takedown :slight_smile: no but to be more serious though, i gave it a try and it took me 45 mins to get to round 3. i ran out of time and not tried it since.

Joltzdude just posted a video about farming in the Slaughter Shaft:

Clearly he kills Titan many times and fails only because he doesn’t want to run through the entire thing each time to farm Titan, so, yeah, can be done. (I haven’t tried myself.)

On Zane my only problem is Anointed enemies. Them being immune to Cryo again screws over my builds man focuses and they have such an easy time downing you. Wouldn’t be as bad if Guardian perks and FFYL duration from points were working. After about an hour on round 5 alone I did it. I would also recommend paying attention to the modifiers here.

If enemies are taking less weapon damage then reroll. I spent about 30 mins on round 2 before I chose to re start.

Well good news, they aren’t immune to cryo anymore. You should still use fire against them though since it’s going to do the most damage. Even on “cryo” Zane you still usually want to match elements to bars especially on M4.


I do slaughtershaft everyday and can say, they don´t always spawn. Sometimes they spawn every round, but another time, they don´t spawn at all during all 5 rounds. Infact, it is more rare to me to get anointed enemies.

Anointed are not that bad, only the militants are annoying. But with my Atlas Moze build, even those are not a problem, since the additional carrier projectiles fly around the shield and hit them anyways. They can still spam “praise the sun” but it is, what it is.


With Zane I hated the red Ghosts being resistent to cryo, it’s annoying to always switch element mid fight only for the Ghosts, so I changed the build now, no more cryo dependency, that 20% chance on crits sucked anyway, I mean I have weapons that have 48% or more and are not dependent on crits. And the other sparse cryo skills are dependent on freezing them and so are not really worth the points.

It’s much more convenient now and I survive better and even do more damage, freeing him from that cryo dependency crap was a win-win for me.

It doesn’t suck but it appears you don’t understand Brain Freeze. It’s a 20% chance on crit to apply slow with ANY weapon/element type. It’s actually counter-productive to use a cryo weapon for this, you should match element to health bar at all times. After a few procs it freezes the target, allowing Calm Cool Collected to proc. The best weapons to use for this are ones that have high fire rate or many pellets, a solid crit with a Maggie can result in a one-shot-freeze.

48% is a horrible efficiency. The way cryo freezing works is a efficiency to damage ratio. You need to do high damage as well, but some weapons have 100-300% efficiency.

They totally are if you understand how they work and apply them properly.

Plenty of Zane builds don’t need cryo or CCC and I’m happy that you’ve found something that works for you (no sarcasm).

Ghosts are super annoying because they constantly whittle tiny shield amounts off you which ruins CCC procs for AS refreshment.


All I know is I did slaughter pit with him and constantly was in FFYL and even died because the time became less and less only because of those %&£! Ghosts and now with no more cryo crap I finish it without dying. Also CCC was nice but you know I prefer the 15 seconds from kill skill instead those 3 seconds from CCC that only triggers when one gets frozen instead killed instantly.

Also yeah Brain Freeze works with fast firing weapons, but it also consume too much ammo that way, with my Shockwave I freeze or also with a binary one even kill them with one shot, much more ammo efficient.

But that CCC apparently wasn’t good enough for my survivability, seems the 15 sec regen on each kill skill is much better, because it triggers on kill and not only on freeze, perhaps the issue is that I more often kill them instantly than freezing them. Also those 48% are on fast firing weapons of course, others have up to 110% - 300%.

Those cryo skills simply seems to be the wrong ones for my fast playstyle, I simply kill them too fast that those slow freeze stuff can trigger and if they do don’t last long enough to matter.


I just solo’d slaughter shaft with a splash maliwan moze (using matched set to boost my kybs worth mag to 100+). Nowhere near as hard as takedown.

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I’ve been able to solo it a couple of times.

On my terror Amara, wich was really tough. On my tediore chucking Moze it was a breeze tbh. Didn’t die once tbh. Even in a 3 player game it rocked. I still need to finetune (gearwise) one of my Amara’s to clear it consistanly (sp?).

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I can solo it chucking tediores and Maliwan take down too…but there must be another build besides that one for Moze

Jultzdude somehow ended up with exact copies of a classmod and an artifact that I thought only I had found and only gave to a couple of people…:thinking:

First forum post here. I can do it easily with amara using a stalker rifle with terror for ammo regen. Dunno if it’s a bug or a secret about the gun nobody has discovered yet but i can an insane amount of damage with the stalker.

What class mods and artifacts and shields do you use? What’s your build?

Phasezerker class mod with 30% sniper damage. I spec almost equally in mystical assault and and fist of the elements. Capstone in MA so i can proc terror and keep rush at max as much as possible.

I use a loaded dice with 16% freeze damage. It’s not the best but I’m using it just for farming. Honestly forgot what shield it was (the one that shoots corrosive out when shot) but it wasn’t good. Only using it cos i want the annointment to regen ammo when terrified. I use a purple grenade with proc terror annoinment when using skill.

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I can solo it fairly easily with Amara, the driver com and a Cryo/Radiation Recursion as my main gun, then a fire skeskil, nighthawkin and a corrosive tediore SMG with radiation annoitment after action skill use for second winds. It’s fairly easy with Ties that Bind and a recursion and a Driver mod, just fire a couple shots and run like hell. I only use this on her so I can get the M4 exclusive gear though. My normal build with her is double skeskils and a brainstormer with a nimbus and/ or rope a dope breaker com, but that cant handle the type of damage needed to clear M4 stuff proficiently to farm.
I tried once with Fl4k, a rakk attack build and a gamma burst build with no tediore chucking and it did not go well, in the slaughter shaft or trial of cunning. Not at all. I am on my fifth day of farming that trial of cunning for Fl4ks new com, I know that place inside and out, and I cannot get the Rakk Pakk com to drop.
Oh how many times that Tink of Cunning has trolled me with a Fl4kk com dropping, only to be a Deadeye com. The frustration becomes unbearable and after it happens 5 times in one night. Why would Gearbox put a second legendary com behind the damn Tink of Cunnings loot pool, I will never understand. Completely ridiculous.

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Yeah, sad. Joltz used to be a go-to youtuber for me but his recent vids with perfectly rolled everything, idk. Heard it’s easier to get (create?) perfect stuff on PC.

He had things that only I had. + weapon dmg, +crit dmg, +grenade dmg, +splash dmg, + area of effect…etc… I was the only one with these in one build and then I see his videos with the EXACT same items…it makes me suspicious who uploaded the crap I sent them…:thinking:

I managed to take out M4 Wotan with the build i told you about. I don’t think it’s an amara exclusive build. Although phasezerker helps me to increase damage, since it relies heavily on crit damage I can see it working really well for Flak with the same gear. Maybe with zane too since the stalker is a cryo weapon. I recorded my Wotan kill with the build