Has anyone been disconnecting?

This is probably in the wrong topic, I apologize if it is. Has anyone been getting disconnected? Three games in a row I’ve been kicked from the server. Twice on PvP and once on PvE. This has only happened to me recently. I have been playing since launch and no issues back then. I play on a ps4.

Only once today. Everyone in our group was kicked from the game. Otherwise this doesn’t usually happen.

I had the same one disconnect.

I have been getting disconnected from the main menu a lot, like if I don’t get into a queue for a game within 5 mins of starting battleborn I dc, but I haven’t had a disconnect in a match in a long while. Xbone btw

Yeah, yesterday was pretty bad for me. Kept kicking me saying I wasn’t connected to PS Network. It did it like 3-4 times towards the end of a PvE mission, by the time it stopped acting up the mission had been completed by the other 2 guys and I was left unable to get any rewards for my work in that mission. I was pretty upset.

I don’t get disconnects (still had a few several days ago), but I experience some lag since the last update. A character just freezes for a second or two and then teleports a bit. I can’t count how many times I died because of this in pvp, makes me really sad.
Just played a hardcore mission on sentinel, there were so many of these moments, but thank god none of it occurred when I was walking through those death traps…

Just had a seemingly random lag spike for no apparent reason.

Joined green, was red within 5 minutes, literally never happens to me. Wasn’t just me either, whole team bar 1 experienced a drop in connection quality at the same time, solid greens turned to yellows and reds.

Not sure if gearbox are doing something or if the opposite team are suspect (it was a gali with a pocket miko, like) or if its just an internet hiccup.

Twice on Thursday, but I played a fair few where that didn’t happen. I’m gonna guess a glitch in their servers that cropped up with this last update.
I got kicked from a match I was stomping :frowning: