Has anyone done any testing with slam damage?

What does is scale on other than height? I’ve heard people say height doesn’t affect it, but I just learned it did and recorded a video.

It also seems like Melee damage buffs don’t affect slam damage either considering I do the same damage with all of Amaras Melee Buffs & Buttplug as I do without any.

The most damage I’ve seen on a slam was 14k with a Corrosive slam Artifact vs 6k with a Corrosive melee Artifact.

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Good idea to test it on vehicle on Santuary III.
… Now if we could just have a useful shooting range. :flushed:

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I use Kevin.

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Well… My Kevin may had suffer from a little incident.
I’ll try to remember it when I start TVHM.
If I eventually manage to finish the story first!

-edit- On op / topic.
No, I didn’t but I’m quite interested.

Just don’t pick up the cryo gun and he will always be down in the cargo bay.