Has anyone else finally stopped playing?

Since the game came out up until maybe 10 days ago, not a single day went by without me playing at least 2-3 hours of BL3. I think the height of BL3 was the two weeks prior to the release of M2.0. As a Moze player, I was i a delirious high with how awesome they made IB and buffed Moze’s sustainabilty.

I rememember distinctly 2 days before M2.0 came out, when the details were announced. I remember the night before I fired up BL3 and played from like 10PM until 3AM straight… with a feeling of almost saying goodbye to a friend you’ve had for months now. I just had a terrible gut feeling that M2.0 was going to be a MESS.

When M2.0 first came out, my worst fears were realized. Annoying, cluttered, noisy , intrusive modifiers, a crap ton of glitches and bugs that should have been noticed within 5 minutes of testing, completely undone any and ALL weapon, gear, skill, and character balances done in the last 6+ months, almost like they never happened, and the game felt like CHORE to play now. Just exhausting. All the different vomit of colors and effects of the forced modifiers honestly made me nauesous like no other game made me feel ever. My wife , who were were doing the final DLC together in CO-OP, finally stopped playing because she hated the convoluted mess the game has become.

After a few days of sticking it out, I finally gave up. I realized I was genuinely not having fun. Even the most tame of the modifiers annoyed me and added nothing of value to the game. My game suddenly started crashing to desktop 2-3 times a play session and prior to that NOT ONCE did it do that. One of the modifiers slowed the frame rate to a crawl (I think it was Lootsplosion). Vast majority of Gear that wasn’t M6 locked was uselss and the thrill of seeing a legendary drop was completely gone.

Haven’t touched the game in… 10 days? More? Lost track. I fired up Diablo 3 again after years off and was greeted with a finely polished, smooth, fun, PROFESSIONAL game. Checked the last few patch notes and was amazed how communicative, detailed, and personable the Patch and PBR notes were. How everything was clearly communicated, tested in closed servers, and promptly addressed if it doesn’t work out as intended.

I also took the chance to jump back into Doom Eternal in my quest to beat it on Nightmare mode. Its stressful but for some bizarre reason still enjoyable. There is no prize or award for beating Nightmare mode that I’m aware of; but just the fun challenge is enough to motivate me to play to the end.

I hope in 2-4 patches GBX fixes the game, and by fix I just want it to go back to how it was in the old M4. Cant stand the modifiers, can’t stand the excessive Mayhem levels, can’t stand the completely broken balance and utter lack of excitment over dropped loot that isn’t called Cupcake or Kaoson, its just crap.

Will it get fixed in 2-4 patches? Maybe. Would anyone care by that time with a ton of AAA games like Cyberpunk, Ghost of Tsushima, Assassian Creed Valhalla coming out? I seriously doubt it.


i am currently not playing


Yeah, I bailed two weeks ago, They really made it a chore to play. I just got the platinum trophy for “Control” and am starting “Nioh 2” tomorrow. Can’t wait for the three games you mentioned. I’ll check the forums for news, but i don’t plan on playing B3 again this year.


i think about getting greedfall


I’m not playing for multple reasons. Mostly modifiers and others leaving. I really want this game to succeed but want to get back to playing as well. I hope things get where they need to.

@KF2020 bought doom eternal though not daring as you for nightmare. Other games as well . I still try to come back and fire up the game then close it out. Nothing replaces borderlands though. Tried going back to 2 but even with high res textures but couldn’t do that either.


Similar situation here. Personally, I really like M2.0 Modifiers and the concept EXCEPT for the gun scaling aspect. The lack of balancing/diversity and ridiculous power creep has been a bit of a turn off. I would have much preferred seeing a combination of old Mayhem (minus Modifiers) mixed with the new system that has the modifiers of different difficulties and give players way more freedom to decide what they want to do with that difficulty (including if you don’t want Modifiers) without being restricted because of gear being scaled to Mayhem Levels (my post about it:
Mayhem 2.0: HP and Gun Scaling Should Not Exist -- Greater Focus on Modifiers) Plus, Anointment RNG needs to be a priority to deal with. Even though I was probably having the most fun right before M2.0 release just like you, I still could not stand the Anointment grind. I’m completely on board with moving them to the Trinket system. By far WAY more pros than cons with that design.


Nope, still playing here. But then I still have two characters to finish levelling, I’m not into farming at all, and I don’t play high mayhem levels.


Yeah, I’m pretty much done, especially after the announced “re-balancing” and the changes to class mods, to force us to refarm them just to get the action skill power we should all have. I’ve finally come to terms with the reality this game will never go in the direction I want it to/fix the core problems.

I haven’t touched this game in weeks. Outside of testing and confirmations for forum posts/comments.

I feel that, the farming experience is such a hassle, its just not worth it.


I’ve gone back to try and finish horizon zero dawn, and nier automata, games that I absolutely love and were both nearly perfect from launch.

I’m on ps4, and I’d love any game recommendations anyone’s willing to share.
oh I’m also thinking about checking out skyward sword, it would be my first zelda game :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I finally quit today. I love the game play of BL3 but the game is a complete mess after Mayhem 2.0. I actually enjoy the chase for better loot but they’ve killed that whole part of the game with the complete lack of drops.

The other thing that has killed the game for me is how GBX has given us multiple hotfixes that were said to improve drop rates but drop rates have actually gotten worse for me. I’m at the point where I’m starting to believe that we’re just being lied to.

I’m also trying to go back to Diablo 3 but it’s been so long since I’ve played that I feel that I forgot how everything works.


They did not fix things as stated every patch which is frustrating in some cases for some things got worse. my wife quit after we farmed bosses hundreds of times

HUNDREDS and saw 2-4 dedicated drops with useless anoints.

They never fixed any of the main issues we had.

She hates mayhem and if we’re forced to play like that for the best gear and best challenge theres no point in playing.

Its sloppy and i absolutely hate it. Infact mayhem 2.o is exploitable with many modifiers.

The visual pollution is too.much… Theres too little for rewards.

Its not satisfying. The loot in this game is horrible.

Even takedown now their patch notes is not fixing things as they said as we have players doing many runs with no dedicates drops somehow. So.e have already done over 100 runs. Some are seeing progressively less loot quality and amount.

I loved this game pre mayhem. I hate this game now.


i played pretty consistently every few days until i realised mayhem 2.0 wasnt as balanced as i hope itd be. im happy theyre fixing it but as long as it isnt i cant be bothered to play. im not even farming for my best gear because i know we’re only getting another level cap, so it wont matter.

it sucks because theres challenges for the characters but theres just too much and they take too long, so they dont give me much incentive to go back. smash 500 dust piles that dont even count if you shoot them? the franco firewall challenge? no thanks.

im taking a break and playing doom eternal and persona 5.


Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic game. Make sure that you get the DLC also.

If you haven’t played God of War, that’s one that you need.


With how often the game changes, there’s just no satisfying progression right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the changes to make the game more enjoyable. It just feels like theyre holding back content theyve already made so they can give us a reason to keep coming back.


Just here waiting for actual fixes. This is my opinion but I feel the limited events and the loot tied to it should be permanent just to make a lot of people happy. Loot and it not scaling needs massive fixing. Game in general needs fixing and I think any future mini-updates not including DLC3-4 should put on hiatus until most of the issue is fixed.

Only played 2.0 for few days before I quit. The Division 2 is kinda garbage but I’m playing it cause it seems tolerable and the loot isn’t as bad even though it’s far from perfect


Yep, this is probably it for me with the bl franchise. The slot machine drop rate psychology has gone too far, it’s the dominant yet poorly implemented feature in the game vs. good gameplay and story and real build diversity. The story is decent, and certainly has its good moments, i.e. Typhon DeLeon, but battle chatter is awful for the most part; gb knows we farm the heck out of things, yet we get barraged with screaming crazies and affirmations of being a legitimate businessman as a battle cry.


If anyone follows some of the bigger Twitch BL3 streamers, you’ll notice that most of them aren’t even playing BL3 now. That should tell you something.


When Mayhem 2.0 dropped I stopped playing for around a week because it killed what I enjoyed the most - piloting Iron Bear even on the highest Mayhem levels.

However I adapted and started playing without Iron Bear which is pretty boring but since the developers said they’re planning to scale Action Skills AND allow us to specialize Action Skills with class mod specific damage boosts I got some sort of hope to become the ultimate Iron Bear Moze once more.

Obviously it means I have to wait for “phase 2” but it’s better than nothing I guess.

Something that really grinds my gears besides the Action Skill issue is the dedicated drops.

I farmed Warden for 4 hours the other day and did NOT get what I wanted (incendiary Plaguebearer with either 150%/50 or 300%/90% anointment).

Wasting 4 hours is not a good feeling.

Today I farmed Kategawa for a Sandhawk for 1 hour, didn’t get a single one.

Then I farmed Jack’s fabricator for an incendiary ion Cannon with 150% or 300% anointment for 2 hours, didn’t even get ANY incendiary ion cannon OR any ion cannon with a 150%rad or 300% damage anointment DESPITE THE 100% DROP RATE OF THE ion cannon.

Then I farmed for an Unseen Threat for another hour, didn’t get one.

Long story short: I wasted 8 hours of my life over the course of the past few days farming for weapons that I didn’t even get despite all my efforts.

Feels bad.


I don’t usually get dlc, but for that I’ve been seriously thinking about it.

Horizon was already fun but after watching some youtube tips and switching to a more minimal custom hud the game got like 10 times better.

It’s amazing how big an impact small changes like that can have sometimes.
The only change I would make is if there were random encounters like in this game sometimes. Like an expected creature being in an area.

But I can make my own fun like that,one time I kited 4 glint hawks into a storm bird territory, and had to fight all of them off at once with 2 of those ostritch things,
but all the noise alerted some scrappers and I had to fight them off too!

…it was awesome!! :laughing:


I farmed graveward for 4 days non-stop to get a singularity brawler ward, only 3 brawler wards dropped in that entire period, none with my anoint.

I farmed traunt for 10 hours with a yellow cake, received only 3 kaosons none had good anoints or were elemental.

I farmed the trials during their event the entire week, and never got the class mod I wanted with the bonuses I was looking for, when dedicated drops were guaranteed.
That was one character I didn’t even have time to try for my other characters.

I farmed the psychobillies constantly for several days to get an dedicated drop. I got 1 of the right name and element and of course un-anointed, during that period of several days only 2 of that item dropped.

What we have in common here, is that farming is so impossible ,event or no event, you just have to give up. And even now there is no talk of addressing dedicated drops just constant events and world drop rate buffs that no one needs.