Has anyone else finally stopped playing?

A friend and I killed Spongebullet Nochance last night. Near the end of the fight, we were both so low on ammo that we had to go into our menus during the fight just to equip weapons for which we had ammo. Possibly the most tedious fight I’ve ever encountered in a video game, Borderlands or otherwise. I got two legendaries from the kill, but my friend didn’t even get a blue. I felt terrible for him.

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I am right now playing though DLC4 on my second account and it is just tiresome, I used to love playing BL for many many hours, all the content was fun over and over again. For some reason this game is so tedious and dull and I don’t know why. From now on I am calling it Boredomlands zzzzz


yea they made that spongebullet on purpose LOL… It took me a good 20 seconds at least zerging it down with god roll light show with sent/cryo , clone build when i first kill it …

i thought it was kind of funny, and luckily, Mr.bulletsponge only drops the MK III legendary SMG. Spoiler alert, it isn’t all that great… so feel free to skip haha

I wish we had done it in 20 seconds. For us it was more like 5 minutes.

So I haven’t played since that first weekly event a while back. Is the game even worth coming back to play for DLC4 with the added levels and content or is it best to just wait for the next DLC that adds more skill trees?

I sort of enjoyed leveling up all of my characters and the therapeutic aspect of cleaning my bank of all the level 60 guns and shields but honestly after a single playthrough of the DLC I’m back to not wanting to play. The game felt refreshing for a day or two with new stuff to do but I can’t escape my dissatisfaction with certain elements of the game so the second-wind I got from this latest patch was short lived. Your mileage will vary; hopefully others are enjoying it a lot more than I am :frowning:

After farming for quite some time in dlc 4, 2 of the dedicated drops from 2 bosses on same map were incredibly low, I got the last legendary in dlc and pretty much saw zero reason to keep playing as I already have every trophy (base plus all dlcs) and not really interested in leveling all characters to 65 or running dlc 4 again any time soon. May go back after some time away or when seasonal event drops.

Tedious is a good way for my feeling on the game too. Not sure if it’s cause i’m older than I was when I was playing BL2 or what. But yeah, i’ll turn the game on for 10-15 minutes and just turn my entire xbox off and go do something else.

I think one thing that annoys the hell out of me is that unless i’m keeping long distance, I constantly go down and get right back up immediately. I don’t even know how it’s happening most of the time.

But LEVEL 65 GEARS… just think of how much FUN it will be to re-grind out those semi-perfect pieces with viable augments… and then DO IT AGAIN, with DLC5!

Quality time well spent.

If I sound frustrated, well… colour me walking like a duck, yet not ducky.


I stopped , i played DLC4 , end the DLC , was really fun , i saw the drop rates and the loading time on console , no thanks , see you in the next updates after a year we had some good change but the game as still a lot of issue , farming for a perfect gear is just a nightmare , i hate the fact that the DEV’s make new stuff like ( new Skill tree for exemple ) first ! Before fixing the quality of life of this game ( fixing bug , reroll anoints , buff/remove anoints / Artefact roll / CLass mod Roll , Rework class Mod … ) Zane have only seein Dead playable … I am a person who like make a lot of build but in this game it’s just impossible , Please someone make a good decision

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