Has anyone else had problems with other players due to having higher OP points?

At first I felt bad because my op points started high and there was a level 12 and level 52 playing with me last night. The level 12 actually stuck with me longer. Eventually both left. I understood this perfectly because the points were high so it was challenging.

I also understand that it sucks you have to wait until i finish then in order to play anything else. The level 12 stayed out the whole time. But the other guy came back and died a couple times. I gave him the benefit of the doubt even though he respawned before i could revive him. He then jumped off the cliff and respawned and then left the game.

At this point I felt bad. I was trying to blow through the mission as fast as I could so he could play another match. But then he rejoined again. This time right before Aria. I had 2 lives left. Part way through the battle he died 2 more times and respawned quickly even though i was standing right next to him and could easily revive him.

Then I ended up dying we had 0 lives left, he was standing right next to me and instead of reviving me he kept doing the tea bagging motion.

I was so pissed. Like the whole game I actually felt bad, and then halfway through the final boss battle he had to ■■■■ it up intentionally.

There really wasn’t a purpose to this thread except to vent.

TLDR: Has higher op points caused you guys any general toxicity


Not yet, and I’ve played quite a few public ops. I have played with lower level players who just didn’t seem to know what was going on, and some higher level guys who just played poorly and died a lot. The biggest problem I’m finding in public matches is people rushing through as though there’s a time limit (Well, two hours is a long time) or some hidden objective to complete the mission as quickly as possible, they charge the Ronin and Elite Bots with reckless abandon and die in a position where I can’t possibly revive them. That frustrates the hell out of me, as you know you’ll need those lives for Aria, ■■■■ happens and accidental deaths can’t be helped, but foolish play that sabotages the match for everyone else (usually me lol) just pisses me off.

I’d expect this kind of behaviour though, sadly, toxicity in video games is just a thing, I’ve seen it in PvE many times where a player performing poorly just goes AFK in base or deliberately feeds (which is much worse)

What platform are you on? I prefer to play in private matches with a group when I can, perhaps we can party up sometime?

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XBone. I would be down if you are on xbox.

And the intentional enemy feed and the jumping off cliffs drives me insane. I felt bad at first cuz i started with 30 op points but after the aria fight and losing the match when she had a quarter life left drove me insane.

Ive ran into a problem where a level 80 and a level 12 were in with me, I’m 100.
the 80 and I were running through everything and after some difficulty getting through and finding every point we could we made it to Aria. the 12 soon left and we ran out of lives. we were both pretty pissed at the hour we had just wasted for absolutely nothing

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I haven’t seen anything like that on the PC side of things. So far I’ve only encountered one disconnect, but as is usually the case, no indication as to why - it was a three player operation with lots of op points and lots of reviving (but revives and not deaths), so maybe the player who dropped felt he was in over his head, or maybe he had connection issues, with no input (text or voice) from that end during the match up until he disconnected, neither of the the two remaining players could say why. We just carried on and finished the 100pt operation.

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Two hours of server time, but only one hour of game time (game time stops when you pause the game, but server time still goes on).

Really? Didn’t know that. Never had a match last more than an hour either.

As far as pausing, would that not only work solo?

Yes, pausing only works solo.

In regular missions game time is 100 minutes, btw.

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Play public every time as I have no friends :’(
No I do but often different times as me but had no problems with this as I just go rampage mode when I am matched with lower levels. I will pick characters I am good and familiar with to carry them. When matched with higher levels I go with who ever I feel like playing or need the skins for.

Vince, what’s this bs? ;p

And to OP, I haven’t played public at all, because I was afraid for this to happen. I’m on Xbone too so ya could always send me and invite if ya want to play without the toxic attitudes.


Are you sure this is true? I know you always have the option to start a new Story Mode match, whether a match you’ve quit from is still active, or not.

Previously it was only in Multiplayer that you only had the option to rejoin the same match already in session.

Can anyone confirm if you only have the option to rejoin an Operation already in progress?
(If not, that guy was straight up just being a dick, and next time you know just to report him).

I’ll tell you what I’m having problems with now, the ■■■■■■■ Ronin! It’s not me who has the problem it’s everyone else, but it affects me too. Every time I get the Ronin objective in public matches, everyone’s like CHARGE THEM HEAD ON, WE’RE INVINCIBLE!

And then they die.

But the best ones respawn and go straight back! Kill some thralls, get a level or two, then take the Ronin on individually (if you can)? No, charge straight in the middle of all five and die. Ugh.


I attempted a single public OP without my other buddy, and I started it off at 40 OP with a new guy.
Felt bad. I tried pulling us through, but he just wouldn’t give me time to revive, and wouldn’t revive me.
He played Pendles, I Ambra.
Pulled through 3/4ths of Ambra with him, but I’m sure he felt overwhelmed with a meager 20 kills, and less than a quarter of the damage I dealt.

I guess that’s why I assumed he came back the second time. Not sure. Either way it’s still just a ■■■■■■ thing to do. I felt bad at first but after the end of that playthrough with him I was just so pissed.

I don’t play public games since the starting points are based on the highest - that’s just unfair!

Also, I’ve heard so many horror stories of people trolling in PvE that I don’t want to do it either way :joy:


I have had no issues and my base points have been at 50 since day one and I only have 2 characters left to get the skins for…so I’ve run it a lot.

I was under the impression you could only lower the ops points in private or solo play.

The only issue I’ve experienced is people starting the last fight when you’re sitting at 99 ops points. That makes me sad.

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Huh, I find that the super minions are the problems. All the tiny one shot grenades, terrifying. Melee characters get pentastunned, I can’t even try to save them when the blue is up. Just, terrible. Ronin with knock up air fire is almost as bad
Yep, yep, and yep. So yep


Oh, the fat bots with the billion tiny grenades are a definite problem! I was just talking strictly from the “playing with others” viewpoint. That fat bit part, even with all ranged is absurd. Characters like Kelvin and Pendles with no ranged attack (ninja star doesn’t count as it’s so weak) REALLY suffer there.

Id never seen the attack before the mission, so I was absolutely shocked. And yeah, I was just agreeing with your post in general. You’d stated exactly what I was thinking. And yeah, Pendles ninja stars feel like an emergency finisher at most, at least a long range buildable killer when you have an angle and bomb is off cooldown

I had a public match once where one player immediately locked in Pendles, the other guy waited 30 seconds so I decided to pick Rath for the gold skin, three seconds later the third player locks in Phoebe. Phoebe. THREE MELEES! Needless to say it was very rough, but we made it with 100 ops points.