Has anyone ever seen this before?

Yes, that’s a Mayhem 10 Drone Ranger attached to me. This is a new one for me, never had this happen.

Anyone else ever seen this or know why or how it happens?

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Yeah, I’ve had it several times.
Couldn’t get it to happen reliably, but seems like killing the enemy the drone is healing has a chance to force it to tether to another nearby target. Usually this is another enemy, but occasionally they latch on to you instead, healing you.
It’s really cool, especially the first time you see it.


My first guess would have to be either Dominance or the Mesmer grenade possibly forcing it to see you as an ally? Perhaps?!?

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Was not using Dominance (although I did consider that because occasionally I use it) or the Mesmer. This just randomly happened during a fight. Drone went from a Maliwan guy to me. With Hollow Point, it’s a miracle the drones ever survive anyway.

Still I thought this was kind of cool and weird. Like when the surveyors in Digi Peak would sometimes attach to Maya if she used Thoughtlock.


It happens when there are no enemies left to attach to, drones are lonely :laughing:


I am just sitting here giggling to myself a little, imagining the platinum hit pop song, “Only the Lonely Drones.” :rofl:

Only happens on my Zane builds.

Did a little research on this some time ago. It’s fun.


My Moze has had 2 at once.

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