Has anyone ever seen this?

ive had a few matches with a thorn or Alani with a regular shield not an overshield…how is that possible?

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If you run shield gear on them it gives them a shield.

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yea, I’m trying it now that’s what I thought they did but wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not

Seen it a lot lately. Waste of a gear slot to me, but it’s a common meta.

If it’s too low it is, but otherwise it’s a nice buffer between them and your health, and your health keeps refilling underneath it. You also can’t steal life from a shield, so there’s also that as an added bonus.

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Depends on how you use it mate.

I run skill dmg and shield for my thorn. Double advantage.

Why shield and not health regen?
Shield gives you 140 (mine is 140) HP that regenerates to full in 1 second. You cannot regenerate 140 HP in one second.

If you are badly hurt, no amount of HP regen gears can allow you to survive someone diving deep. However that shield allows that. Because it gives a set 140 “hp” AND you regenerate hp behind the 140. Yes you may get more HP in the short time you “escape”, but I cannot count the number of times I escape with 100 shield (they hit me once) and 10 HP.

Why I say it depends on players, I have tried HP regen (and also no HP regen at all), and my survivability drops considerably because I assume my HP regen is going to keep me alive from diving someone. Sadly no, my playstyle requires the shield to be more effective.

To each his own I guess. It is a meta, but because it works thats why it’s meta.

That doesn’t mean I’ve not seen good players without shields. Just rare.

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Oh don’t get me wrong, I can see the use. I just see other things being more useful, as I’m never that high risk with thorn. Melka would be pretty good with it, I bet. Since she’s right up and personal.
I meant that, for most eldrids, I see that as less useful than a damage buff. Or an hp regen. But different strokes for different folks.

Mainly the reason to use a +shield cap item is because it can be free if the downside doesn’t affect your character much. I use a -skill damage +shield cap item on Miko (in capture maps) and Reyna because neither of them really have skills that deal much damage, but the survivability is a fairly significant improvement compared to the 7% reduction in skill damage. On other characters like Alani (or any melee character really) you can get one with -reload speed +shield cap.

It’s not that it’s a really huge advantage, but especially in capture maps having gear that’s unlocked before you leave the gate is enough of an advantage to make the difference in the early game.

That said, in Meltdown or Incursion I usually use a shard generator as my free piece of gear … more shards means more buildables for XP and, of course, faster access to the more expensive gear.

Actually, there is a significant advantage to a shield for an Eldrid:

You cannot be critically hit in any fashion, as long as the damage is applied to a shield FIRST. Even if the shot kills the shield, the over-damage will not result in a crit. This negates a lot of the potential threat from Marquis, Toby, Thorn and anyone else who prefers hard crits over sustained damage.

If your team has a Kleese, a shield on an Eldrid is actually a solid choice.

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My opinions shot down :stuck_out_tongue: I can see the kleese and non crit bonus. I just don’t like to personally. As for the non crit though, that’d a single shot from any sniper every 4 seconds, depending upon shield recharge rate.
See, I go the opposite and use free items that lower shield capacity/charge rate.

…Not for Thorn, I get +140 shield, which is a rather nice edge.

Try giving Bouldr a battery with shard gen, damn, it is abuild I’m working on and it acts similar to how ISIC tanks… Heh heh heh…

I don’t play Boldur but here in the forums some have pointed out that these mods used on him negatively impact his helix.

I’ve used a battery on Alani and on Kelvin (of course). On Boldur I build regen; because of the way his own shield and overshield abilities work, a shield simply isn’t needed. I suck as Thorn, but if I played her, I’d use a shield.

Well that was just an experimental build, I’ve found out that it is a good idea to have a shard income with most of my builds, giving Boulder a shield under his overshield lets you be more offensive, even if it is just one more swing it helps… I’m working on a stout build, max attack and health…

Not saying it wouldn’t be helpful in any way, but for him in particular that I feel like I get more bang for the buck elsewhere.

If I find the right battery, I’ll get back to you… My stout build needs one more item…

I happened to get an antiquated fortified Ekkuni wristguard from an eldrid loot pack. I’ve got that, a fickle scalemail, and a zero-cost regen

well i can see it being good for kelvin but i like to use the minus shield stuff for eldrid for lower costing gear.