Has anyone ever seen this?

It’s a matter of taste before all imo.
I largely prefer using Grey/rare/epic with a shield downside on eldrid,it generally allow me to get high grade gear earlier in the game when I generally wouldn’t,or to throw a legendary in the mix.
But it will be less and less seen,since the legendary are slowly turning into garbage.
Because Gbx want to do like everyone else,listen to every complaints and end up with a stale meta.

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I’m uncommon-epic-legendary…

It is worth noting that -Shield Cap gear WILL reduce the overshield generated from skills, pickups, or by the Sheperd bots in Incursion. So -Shield Cap gear is actually a bad choice for Kelvin who gets an overshield with the use of any skill, and possibly for Boldur depending on how you build him (one of his helix choices gives him an overshield which would then be reduced.)

Side note also worth noting, Kelvin actually HAS a shield to start with, but he has a negative regen rate. Give him +shield recharge rate and he can actually have a 300 point shield that he can recover between combats (albeit much more slowly than characters with a normal recharge rate.)

As for playing with Reyna, simply having a shield means her “shield heal” is 120 more damage to health being prevented when she overshields you, and having -shield cap gear would further reduce that by the amount it takes off of her basic overshield, which also means it’s easier to empty the overshield preventing Reyna from healing the extra health when using her Legendary gear.

It’s almost not worth using Reyna’s overshield on someone who has -shield cap gear … if it’s obvious that’s what they’re doing I’ll only heal them if I need the heal myself, as it’s not nearly as efficient as healing someone who can make full use of it (and get more health besides.)

I posted a question about this a while back in the Boldur sub-forum. If you have -capacity gear, when the overshield is created, it will show less than normal, but then jumps up to 225 after a couple of seconds (haven’t checked this recently but it was the behavior I saw at the time). I was told this was a visual issue only and that the actual size of the shield was unaffected.

But -shield on Kelvin is a horrible idea, agreed.

From what I saw, the -shield cap affected received overshield as well, but not MAX overshield.

So if you use his skill, or get a single overshield pickup, or get overshielded by Reyna, you get a certain amount of overshield based on how much is reduced by the gear. The SECOND pickup (or other second source) will then put you to whatever the normal amount you’d get from an overshield pickup, it was either 225 or 250, I forget. For anyone without -shield cap gear, they cannot loot more than one overshield pickup at a time, because it hits the max cap. This has been my experience, though there have been a few patches since then that might have affected how they interact with -shield cap gear.

i meant a normal shield for kelvin not negative his kit wouldn’t work well with negative i think.
still a -shield gear is preference nonetheless and is ok on some eldrid characters can help you get some good gear fast. I have a epic? (purple) stinger with- shield only costs 800 ish pretty helpful.

Agree to disagree I suppose. I’d rather get a free 140 shield for survivability than reduce the cost of something I can’t start the game with.