Has anyone figured out yet what's the deal with the Beast

In the new DLC there’s a quest called Lost and Found that awards a unique CoV AR called The Beast.
So far, the only thing special about it is that the element you get depends on a choice you make within the quest itself, but is there anything else to it? Or is it literally just a blue CoV AR with a unique name and red text?

I could use a nice shock CoV AR :thinking:

N2M Shock Seeryul Killer ain’t bad on M10. Haven’t tried this so called Beast yet

Really? All mine have been fire. Can it come in other elements? I’d love that.

N2M Shock is the short talk for Next Two Mags anointment in shock elemental damage.

Ah, thanks.

For CoV weapons, is a magazine considered “I haven’t broke my weapon yet”? Like once this fires, if I let it cool off and don’t break it (or switch away), it should keep that element?

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That’s how I take it, but not sure how correct that is.

I suppose that’s easy enough to test as well. :laughing: