Has anyone found a fix for gearbox logo freeze?

I haven’t been able to play this game for 5 days. It’s very frustrating. It just freezes up at the gearbox logo and I’ve found nothing even hinting that gearbox is addressing this issue. I’ve always enjoyed gearbox game but I’m very disappointed with the lack of concern about a bug that makes their game completely unplayable.

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Same problem here, no solution in sight.

Anyone know how we can get a refund? happy to mail in the disc or go to an MS store.


Make sure if you were previously part of the beta, that you have uninstalled it and removed the saved data.

I have the Open Beta stuff still on my box, but I have not experienced any freezing at the logo at all. Maybe the OP’s download is corrupted? Not had much chance to figure out the system, but I’m guessing there’s a way to re-download any content. (And I do need to figure out how to delete the beta at some point!)

Just goto your Games, locate the Open beta and select with your Menu button (one with all the - marks on it) then select “Manage Game”.

From there you can select to uninstall, and YES you will loose all progress you made during the beta.

I highly recommend removing the beta and then reinstalling the retail version, as it solved several issues I was having.

Thanks for the info.

That shouldn’t be a problem though, since progress in the beta does not count towards the main game.

Has anyone found a fix for this yet?

If you’re having the same problem, and deleting the open beta (if played), re-downloading the game, and powering your console off and on did nothing, all I can suggest is filing an official support ticket:


I have found a fix people. It is not ideal but after other games weren’t working I decided to reset my Xbox completely and battle born now runs fine

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Since I always power my XB1 off when I’m done, I keep forgetting that some folks just let theirs go into powersaver mode. There are indeed some things that require a hard reset, though. Thanks for posting the info - hopefully it will help someone else.

I always shut mine down. I actually factory reset it. Completely wiped everything

I’ve had to do that because of a Black screen on boot. I would get the xbox logo, but after that solid black.