Has anyone found any cool new shields since the scaling dropped?

For instance, I could imagine an ASS Nova Berner with 300/90 or 50/150 radiation could be pretty fantastic if combined with rakks and the +30% elemental damage from Fl4k’s Scorcher. Void Rift could be pretty fantastic with Zane’s Distributed Denial and the dome augment. I could imagine someone equipping the Riposte Impaler alongside the 300/90 anointment and just standing in the Scraptrap Nest as all the Scraptraps run to you and kill themselves… What have we found?

The best for this is still the stinger with ass anoint.
Melee damage is broken so anything that deals melee damage is broken (expect true melee but whaterver xDDDDD)

Frozen Heart is stellar in mobbing. Anything that can be frozen, will be frozen. Also heals you as well.


I been having a lot of fun with an ASS Frozen Heart and all splash rolls with FL4K. The novas hit for 8-15M.

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Love how the Plus Ultra gives me about 2,700,000 armor on my IB with my current build and you gotta have one of the AS cool down annointments so you can get back in that mech as quickly as possible. “I guess you could say I’m back.”

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I’m wondering if Messy Breakup + Distributed Denial + Ten Gallon + SNTL could give Zane four mayhem scaled drones running around.