Has anyone found any good shotguns yet?

I’m about 10 hours in to BL3, and haven’t found a single good shotgun. Are shotguns weak in this game, or am I just unlucky? Has anyone found any good ones?

Hostile Developing Host is a good shotgun melts everything.

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I got a shotgun at level 4 that is still better than a bunch of other weapons at level 11 :joy:. It’s a blue? pump action Jakobs with a blade and my Amara is fond of it.


I used a shotgun at lvl 2-10 that melted everything when I reloaded. The grenade it threw out did massive dmg plus it threw 6 enemy seeking explosives to destroyed everything else. WAY OP for what it did.

Then at lvl 10 I started using the purple shotgun I got from VIP which when I reloaded it left a turret that just pummeled everything and it would move around to find mobs.

Both weapons I didn’t have to aim on my xbox which is difficult so these guns were amazing for me.

It is a charging blast shotgun ? Cause i hate that… you know what…look for Vladof sniper riffle with a shotgun second fire mode its work so well with the siren close combat and longdistance blast :+1::smiling_imp:

no its like a grenade launcher

Reedit my post :wink:

This is a classic shotgun i like

I just found my first really good shotgun, it’s a shock torgue and it is super fun to use with the new sticky bullet feature.

I got a LV13 ONE PUMP CHUMP off of a mini boss called one punch. Also found a conference call in a white chest (was very surprised). It looks like an SMG though so I keep getting it mixed up with my Hyperion SMG when weapon swapping lol. the one pump chump could me my favorite gun in the game so far. Either that or the jacobs assault rifle that shoots 2 bullets instead of one. Forget the name.

Jacobs shotguns are the best. Simple, no BS and high damage to any enemy type. The one pump chump is so good you can even use it medium-long range. It is lvl13 and I used it to lvl25 as it was better than anything else I could find.

That gun looks like it has an anus at the end of the barrel LOL

Shotguns suck at first, they get much better later on.
The Mouthpiece drops a legendary shotgun. It’s incredibly powerful.
Same thing with the badass that is a Spoof of Rick, from Rick and Morty.

I have a blue one of those with rad damage, it’s level 37 and wrecking lvl 50 mayhem 2 mobs
Seems Alien barrel shotguns are a little busted

Moze bout to farm a baby boss before she leaves Pandora :joy:

My Zane is using a one-shot mag blue jakobs shotgun which knocks back most enemies , therefore giving me time to reload and shoot again without the enemy being able to do much against me. With 5 points in Duct Tape Mod, every 4th shot shoots a grenade, which is pretty damn awesome :slight_smile:

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Lv 50 flakker turns lv 50 mayhem 3 into a joke

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I have stuck with Blue/Purple Jacobs shotguns too since my Legendary became obsolete. Like you, I prefer the ones that have a ‘magazine’ that is the same number as barrels the gun has. If it has a fast enough reload speed, it is essentially like you never have to reload (automatic when mag is empty, as I am sure everyone knows). Unless you get lucky and find one with a clip, the pump action shotguns all get loaded shell by shell.

I was never a fan of shotguns in the borderlands games, I always found you had to get far too close to enemies for them to be effective. They are my favourite in BL3 (well, the Jacobs ones anyway). I haven’t had this much fun with a shotgun since Doom2!!!

i got a shotgun at level 30 that did so much radiation damage and had such a high proc chance that i only had to shoot most enemies once. i also found a Jakobs shotgun at level 50 that does 364x17and has an 8 round mag. it does some serious damage.

Check your mail. In the social tab in the start menu.
Jacobs sends me decent stuff all the time!

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